Prayer Picture

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

For this fundraiser you will need to take pictures of each student or the group of students who are trying to raise money. It is best to use a digital camera for the pictures as it will cut down on your overall cost. You will then print out several 4×6 pictures (We printed in black & white to save money) of each student or group picture, place it in a cheap frame, and sell them for donations during or after a church function. Have a list detailing the pictures you are selling and who is buying them and have the purchaser sign the sheet and commit to pray for the student(s) in the picture they purchased. You can put personal information on the actual picture so that the purchaser will know something about the student they are supporting. Obviously, you can change things to fit your particular group. It might be helpful to contact local craft stores and ask for donations of cheap frames or paper to print on. This fundraiser is a great way to connect the adult congregation with the youth in your church and to promote prayer rather that simply solicit financial aid. Enjoy!

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