Pizza Fundraiser

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

Here is a fundraiser that you can really sink your teeth into. Make up order forms to give to the youth to hand to people within the church or community. On it you need to have the cost for the pizza (we did $10 and a buck for toppings), the toppings with a place to check the desired topping off and their name and address (so they can deliver them to the right place.) The pizzas are not cooked, all they need to do is put the pizza in the oven and cook it to their desired crispness. One the day the group makes the pizza, form an assembly line with the pre-made pizza shells at the head of the table, then sauce people, the cheese people, etc. It is a blast for the youth to do and make sure to make some extra’s for snacks. Any food distribution center in your city should have the ingredients and pizza boxes to put the pizza in (make sure you wrap the pizzas with saran wrap in case the people want to freeze the pizzas for an extended period of time). We made over $1000 and we plan on doing this annually.

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