There are two ways you can do this fundraiser:

1. Ask two or three prominent church members (we asked the head pastor, associate pastor, and youth pastor, but it could work very well with the head youth pastor and one or two youth sponsors) to volunteer to get a pie in the face for the youth. Get one container for each volunteer. Place these in a visible place and announce to the church that whoever has the most money in their container at the end of a time period (one month works good) will get a pie in the face.

2. Ask for volunteers to get a pie in the face for the youth. (when you do it this way, it works well to have more than two or three people volunteer) Have the youth group sell tickets to the people in the church, for a chance to throw a pie in a volunteers face. The tickets should have a place to write down the name of the person buying the ticket, and the name of the volunteer they want to throw a pie at. Have one container for each volunteer and put all of the tickets with their name on it in their container. When the time period is up, take each container of tickets and draw one ticket out of each container. The name of the person who bought the ticket gets to throw a pie at that volunteer. This can be more fun, and also more profitable. (the spouses of the volunteers usually buy a lot of tickets) When we did the fundraiser this way, we had eight volunteers. We had seven whipped cream pies, and one real pie for the person with the most tickets in their container. Of course, the youth pastor (Larry) was the one who got the most tickets.

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