Toilet Fundraiser

Toilet Fund Raiser

Somehow procure a toilet (preferably clean) I do not need to know how you got it, just get one.
You will also need some teen volunteers who can haul the toilet around.

Start off by making an announcement in the church that the youth are having a fundraiser. Tell the congregation the rules of this fundraiser.

The Rules/Stipulations are as follows.
You have this toilet delivered to someone’s house
It is placed in a very prominent location (such as the front lawn)
To have the toilet removed the person who’s house the toilet is at must call and have the teens remove it. Each house call is 5 dollars. Included in this house call is them delivering it to someone else’s house. It’s a vicious cycle. There is only one way to get out of having it placed in your lawn. You can pay the youth group an insurance fee (but notice if the other party is willing to pay more than you paid for insurance your insurance plan is null and void).

Notice, you must have the right congregation to pull this off, some people may not see the humor involved here.

Trash Bash

Our youth group had a Trash Bash recently. The youth picked up the trash along the road where our church is located. We went from the church to the closest Highway, 5 miles. We divided the youth into groups, with each group walking 1 mile. We also had 2 adults with each group. The youth were told to get pledges from people. Most people donated from 25 cents to a dollar for every bag of trash we collected. We had 15 youth show up and we collected over $1,600.00 for a little over 2 hours of work.


We have raised $100’s with this idea. Solicit pledges from congregation members & local residents for the total amount of trash collected (# of bags or lbs of trash). Ahead of time, contact your city street & sanitation dept & ask if they will assist (ours provides free trash bags, free pickup & crews working signs). Also, contact local media. On Trash-a-Thon day, send teams into the neighborhood to collect trash from roadsides, bag & return to pickup area to be counted or weighed in. This is a GREAT fundraiser as well as an excellent servant event!

Trunk Or Treat

Advertise WEEKS in advance. We hold ours in the Church parking lot, and we are visible from the main road. The idea is church members, neighbors, or anybody who would like to participate arrives early and decorates the trunk of their car in a festive, non-scary theme. Some we had last year were Pooh Sticks Bridge, Victorian Tea Party (in a minivan), Hawaiian pig roast (had a toy pig in the trunk roasting over red fake coals) one person had a pickup truck they did as Noah’s Ark. We placed cans at each contestant and voted for the best one with money. We then gave 1st 2nd & 3rd place ribbons. We had candy to give out at each trunk. We also had lots of games and prizes and sold hot dogs & Coke. If it is too cold out, you can do this in a gym or fellowship hall with foot lockers instead. We received an awesome response from the community & neighbors which in turn gave the youth great visibility.

Valentine Dinner for Two

Our very small teen group has managed to do this fund raiser for several years now and it has been very successful and the members of our church love it. We ask those in the community with small card tables if we can use them for an evening and then we decorate our fellowship hall with Valentine decorations and set the tables up individually designed for a romantic dinner for two (tablecloths make it look nicer). We try to make a nice dinner with appetizer, main course, and dessert and the couples call ahead (at least a week) to make reservations and they eat by candlelight with soft music playing in the background. The teens act as the waiters and waitresses (dressed in nice clothes as well). The good food, decorations, candles, reservations, and music make it a nice change from the usual church dinners. Usually we can only fit around 15 couples in the area we have so reservations are important. We have also had door prizes for things like longerst married couple or shortest married couple.

Valentine’s Day Banquet

Put on a Valentine’s banquet for the couples in your church. Have finger foods that they go through a line to select, but the youth will serve them drinks, take their plates away for them, get dessert, and etc. Put on some entertainment such as: select members from the audience for the dating game, put on a beauty contest with the youth leader dressed up as the UGLIEST girl you ever saw, do a skit, or whatever you want. Ask for food donations from the church members. Charge $10 per couple. It is lots of fun for everyone & can draw in quite a bit of money.

Valentine’s Dinner

For the past couple of years, our youth group has set up a fundraising dinner, for about $25 we include coat check and babysitting. Our waiters (the youth) give our guests 2 choices for dinner, serve them also with salad, drinks, and desert. The first year we did the cooking. The second year, we chose someone from the church to donate half of her catering services. We also include games and prizes. We use our sanctuary and buy heart-shaped balloons, use candles and dim the lights. We’ve had continued success.

Valentine’s Sale / Delivery

Each January our youth group makes homemade valentines. We cut magazine pictures, use paper doilies, stickers, etc. to decorate. We use Bible verses or other quotations for the inside verse. Then we sell them for $1 to parishioners for a Sunday or 2 before Valentine’s day. We encourage parishioners to send them to seniors or shut-ins or to other church or family members nearby. On the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, the youth & I deliver them to the homes. It’s a great way for the youth to become acquainted with the older folks who love to have company. It saves parishioners money and gives them the opportunity to remember someone they may not have otherwise. It’s a wonderful project for many reasons.

Variation Of A Movie

Our youth group liked the story of Ruth and Boas so much that we wanted to make a play out of it. We chose a “Grease” like theme and altered thing to fit into the ’70. We make this a fundraiser by making it a ’70’s dinner and “movie”. The whole “movie was filmed in advanced by scene and was complete with reconstructed Grease songs written to fit the story of Ruth and Boas. You can do this with any Bible story and add a modern theme to it.


This fundraiser was a big success for our youth group last year. Have teens bring in the names and addresses of at least 10 people they know. They can bring more if they like. Develop a form letter describing your fundraiser, stating that “Tommy” gave their name in hopes that they would consider sponsoring “him” for the walkathon. State that the person’s contribution is tax deductible and include a return envelope with the church’s address on it, for the person to mail in their contribution. We did not put postage on these return envelopes. State in the letter the date for the fundraiser and that the teen who receives the most sponsors will receive a prize. The only work involved is mailing out the letters. There is no hassle or hounding teens to collect from the people whose names they brought in. The contributions are mailed directly to the church.

White Elephant Sale

We ask the people of the church to look through their homes and find something they no longer needed or wanted. Wrap it attractively making sure they tell no one what is in the package. Their package was brought to the church on a Sunday night. After the service we had an auction and the package was given to the highest bidder.

To add to the excitement 3-4 weeks before the sale we would have printed in the bulletin that the white elephants were coming. we would post signs in the church hallways like: “The white elephants are coming! Are you looking for the white elephants?, Have you seen the white elephants?” We would also tape elephant tracks on the walls and have them just go to a corner then not have any around the corner or go to the door of a classroom but not into the classroom. People, young and old were asking about the white elephants. Then the Sunday before the sale we announced what the white elephants were all about. We did this in conjuction with the Men’s Bake-Off. Our kitchen committee judged the desserts while the white elephants were being auctioned off. After the auction the ribbons and certificates were given out to the winners of the men’s bake-off and then we ate the desserts. A great time was had by all!!

Who’s gonna kiss a pig?!

This idea is geared towards getting the entire church body involved in teen activity.
First you get three big jars (like those big pickle jars) and the teens will then vote on three different elders of the church that they would like to see kiss a pig.
Once that is accomplished you hold an event for the whole church to attend (several months later after the voting preferably… to attain more funds of course.)
Where you get the actual pig is up to you… but you should buy a pair of wax lips so that the winner/loser (depending on how ya look at it haha) will not actually have to place their lips on the pig.
But this fundraiser leaves room for the whole church to be involved and at the event you can have many other fundraisers.

Window Washing

About four weeks before your work date, schedule appointments to wash church members’ windows. Charge about $2 per window. For safety, have the kids wash only first floor windows. Form groups of four. Have each group provide 2 buckets, a large sponge, a squeegee, a small ladder, a small bottle of dish-washing liquid and rags. Divide your appointments into work assignments. Each group can do six to eight houses in one day. Have kids wipe windows with slightly soapy water, rinse with clear water and squeegee the water off.

Winter Flowers

Instead of flamingos, our youth “planted” flowers in our church members yards. We spent one friday night making flowers with Bible verses, christian sayings, and the name of our youth out of paper plates and markers. We cut 5 triangles out around the edges to look like petals. Then, we opened metal hangers straight. We bent the hangers in the center to make a stem. We punched 2 holes in the center of the paper flower and pushed thru the ends of the hanger from front to back. To secure the flower to the hanger, we put a large piece of packing tape on the back. After dark, we snuck up to the home and put 25 flowers in their front yard along with a note on the front door explaining who we were and why the flowers were in the yard. The next morning, the family wakes up to find their flowers. If they wanted to pass the flowers on, they gave us $10.00 and a name and address. If not, we thanked them and removed the flowers. We spent ~ $30.00 in supplies, and in 2 weekends (Friday and Saturday night) wehave made almost $400.00! We started with 4 homes a night, and last weekend we had 11 homes a night. Most are so pleased and blessed by the message on the flowers….some have even asked to keep one! Flamingoes were a little too expensive for my youth budget…so we improvised. Hope this can help you like it did us!

Yard Sale & BBQ Sandwiches

We did this fundraiser just a few weeks ago and it did really well. About 4 weeks prior to the yard sale start asking members of the church to bring any items they would like to get rid of. We then had a room designated where they could drop off their items. We then had the youth sign up to bring plates, napkins, chips, soda, onions, choppped bbq, etc.
We chose a Saturday morning to hold our sale. We placed an announcement in the local paper and hung signs all over town. Then, instead of pricing each item individually, we had tables set up on the covered sidewalk outside with one price for that table. (ex: 5, 10, 15, 25 cent table, etc). We had the youth sell tickets for the bbq beforehand for #3.00 per plate.
This included a sandwich, chips, soda, and the extras. We also brought enough to sell to the public. Even though it rained, we still collected over $400.00 in one day. The items that were not sold were taken by van to women’s shelters and apartment complexes in town. The youth loved every minute of it, and the money is going towards their youth camp fund.

You’ve Just Been Fleeced

Our highschool youth group needed to raise money to attended the National Catholic Youth Conference. We needed to raise $1500.00 and this exceeded our expectations. We divided the group into four teams. Each team had a truck & trailer, driver, and a sheep. The kids took their sheep to a parishioner house and identified who they were and that they were going to leave the sheep that was on the trailer in their yard. Then they told them that for a donation to their youth group they would gladly deliver the sheep to whoever they would like. Then they placed a sign in the persons yard that read “You have just been Fleeced by the St. Boniface Youth Group”. When other teams seen the sign in the yard they knew not to stop at that house. The townspeople loved it and were sending the kids to their best friend’s house. We raised over $1,500.00 in just three hours. The local stock yard let us borrow the sheep.

Youth Talents Auction

All you have to have is a youth group willing to do odd jobs for the people donating to the auction. Our youth group held an auction that raised quite a bit of money. The kids agreed to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.They would go to the person’s house on a Saturday and do jobs that the person wanted them to do, like cleaning windows and garages ,raking leaves etc. It is a way to raise money and help the congragation out at the same time. We did very well and had a lot of fun.