Have members of the church contribute a full meal that can be put up for bid in an auction. The “chef” must make up a menu of the meal to be auctioned. Also have them come up with a specific number of people who will be served. Have an auctioneer who will co-ordinate all the bidding. A good idea is not to let anyone know the identity of the “chef” until it has been purchased. This is a great way for people to get to know others whom they don’t normally have contact with. All monies raised at this auction went towards the youth group and their related ministries. The youth are also available to help with preparation and clean up of the meals, as well as babysitting where necessary. The purchaser of the meal is responsible for setting up time with the chef as to when the meal will take place. When we put on this event our lowest bid was $255.00 and our high was $2750.00 for a dinner for 6!!!

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