M&M Minis Money

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

The idea behind this is to raise money and if it is done effectively then you will raise quite a bit.

Go to a wholesale warehouse (Sam’s Club) and purchase a box of “M&M Mini’s” in the tubes. They come 24 to a box and are no more than $10.00 wholesale.

Take the plastic wrapper off and make up a little label to stick on the tube itself. You don’t have to, but this helped. Have a little skit during the worship hour to explain what it is and what it is being done for.

The people will SHAKE out the candy, RATTLE the quarters in, and you will ROLL them. The little tubes hold exactly $14.00 worth of quarters and the bigger tubes hold $26.00. I know that it may sound like a lot of quarters, which is true, but it is not taxing on the people at all. Once you get one tube back you have already paid for the box that you bought and profited a little bit.

Try it and you will see the great success I have had with it.

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