Kid’s Carnival

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My church is very small. We are relatively new seeing that most of us just moved in a little over two years ago.. so the youth group is constantly trying to raise money to lower the cost of the many youth events we attend. We had the idea this past summer to create a kid’s carnival. Instead of making them pay one fee to get into the entire carnival, sell tickets for 25 cents each. When they go to play a game, they must give the “carny” the correct amount of tickets that game requires. Each game should be in a station and each station should be fairly close to the other in order to keep the children excited. The more excited they are, the more they ask their parents for money to buy more tickets ;). Each game or station rewards the participants with a prize if they win (Usually they get a prize if they win or not. Find cheap toys to give out. ex: fabric bracelets, plastic action figures, etc. A nearby bank donated our toys because they had a carnival the previous year.) It was a great profit.. the yout enjoyed being “carnys” and the children enjoyed playing the games (as well as some of the older “children at heart”)

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