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This was a great event for our youth group.
We asked our youth who in the church they would like to see with a shaved head. They came up with 6 or 7 names. We took a vote to see who they wanted the most. (You actually only need 2 willing volunteers). They came up with 3 people. I approached the 3 people and all three volunteered.
Here’s how it worked:
When you get donations you ask the person who they would like to see shaved the most. eg.volunteer 1,2 or 3. Whoever has the most amount of donations in their name is the person who gets their head shaved and the other person gets to shave it!
We took envelopes to the volunteer’s places of employment and pictures of the other volunteer(s). We left it for a week or so then picked them up.
As an added bonus we asked our youth pastor to shave his head if we raised 500.00. He agreed. We only have a small group of 5 youth and we exceeded our goal. We raised $950.00.
We did the headshaving at the church and we talked all 4 people into shaving their heads as it was a very close race. We had a ball and the congregation really got involved as well. Have fun!

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