We decided to host a Fall Ball as an alternative to Halloween. Each Sunday school class got involved by setting up a booth with some type of activity or game. Tickets were sold for a penny each. The younger children had great fun counting out their pennies for tickets! We sold refreshments for mere pennies as well. On the menu was popcorn, hot dogs, chips, beverages, bean soup and cornbread, etc., which was prepared by church members.

Candy and small gifts were collected two to three weeks prior to the carnival. The candy and gifts were awarded as prizes to those who participated in the games and activities. Many volunteered to work the snack bar and run the booths. We also had a “Mr and Ms THANG” pageant and awarded prizes to the winners. We used the “applause meter” to decided the winners. We also hosted a dessert auction which turned out to be the highlight of the evening.

The pennies collected were donated to the children’s penny march fund at our church which is used for a trip each year. The money collected from the dessert auction was donated to the youth group. This activity did not begin as a fundraising event, only to provide an alternative for our kids. However, we earned $100 and had a million dollars worth of fun! We plan on doing it again next year!

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