Door-To-Door Car Wash

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

A lot of times people want to have their car washed, but they don’t want to do it themselves or drive anywhere to have it done. so, instead, they can have the car wash come to them!

Split your large group into mini-groups of about 5 kids to 1 adult. Be prepared to wash any car with supplies like soap, sponges, water bucket, hose, etc. the only thing you’ll need is water, which is where the hose comes in. Just hook up your hose to their water and you’re ready! Make sure you ask first.

Go to a local neighborhood and go door-to-door asking if people would like their car washed for a donation. Then, as you’re washing your car, take the opportunity to explain why you’re fundraising and how far you need to go. You can also take the chance to witness!!

This is a great fundraiser which brings youth together! You could also easily have a race with it: team vs. team (see who can wash the most cars or raise the most money!) Good luck fundraising!

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