Cow-Pie Bingo

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

Hire out or borrow, a football field or school oval. Paint a large grid with 200 or so sqaures on the oval. People can buy a grid for a set amount say $20. Then from somewhere find/borrow a cow. Feed the cow up with hay and sit back and wait. Whichever sqaure the cow drops it’s cow-pie in, the owner of that sqaure gets a portion of the money raised as a prize and the rest is funds raised. Make a day event out of it,(cows have 3 stomachs so it could take considerable time) by holding a BBQ, having a few sporting activities etc. so the people from your church/friends/community members can enjoy some fellowship. The group who did this raised $3000 and gave $1000 as prize money.

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