Bigger or Better Fundraiser

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I used an idea by Dustyn Caldwell called Bigger or Better. You can check out the details in the outdoor games section of this website. The idea is that teams are given a small item, we used paper clips, and are told to go from house to house swaping at each place for something bigger or better. We ended up with a two meter high potted plant, an old couch, two new watches…

Our problem was what to do with the items that we found. On Sunday we set them up on a table with an old ice-cream bucket infront of each item and a pile of paper and pens. We announced that we were going to hold a silent auction for the items after church. People placed their bids in the ice-cream containers and at the end of the given time the youth group worked out who had won the bidding. We raised over $100 from six paper clips.

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