Bible Read a Thon

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

Children ask adults to pledge money for each chapter of the Bible they read during the Bible Read-A-Thon. The amount can be as low as 1 penny to as high (or higher) as 1 dollar. Children who can not yet read are encouraged to have their parents or others read a chapter of the Bible to them. Parents will sign off on a special sheet to verify that reading is being done. Ribbons (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) will be awarded for each child in each age group for the most chapters of the Bible read. Three Certificates will be awarded: One awarded for the child who reads the most chapters in the entire church, another awarded for the child who signs up the most sponsors, and another for who raised the most money. The fundraiser should last 8 weeks to encourage competition and the development of a good habit (reading the Bible). Our youth (a total of 20 children) raised a bit over $5000 and used it to send Russian children to camp.

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