Apple Pie Fundraiser

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We recently had a giant fundraiser for our youth group called the Apple Pie Fundraiser. The fundraiser was to help send our teens to a youth conference. The results were amazing! We had the youth come in on a Saturday morning and make apple pies and apple crisps all morning, that alone was fun. We asked a local apple orchard if they would mind donating apples to a local church and they said yes. The grocery stores also gave us a discount on the other ingredients. Before we made the pies we advertised at church and told our relatives and friends about it. As a result of a few weeks of word to mouth advertising the youth group had already sold in total 1000 pies and crisps. We sold the pies and crisps for $5.00 each and delivered them two weeks later. The pies were uncooked so they could be frozen. In total we made $5000.00 in a day of pie making!

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