To welcome the younger youth to our group, we stage a youth-napping. We try it in slightly varied ways so that the older youth are still suprised!

We contact the parents ahead of time with the date and approx. time. Then we go around to everyone’s homes and kidnap them. If they are barefoot, too bad. If they are wearing a bathing suit, too bad. Teeth need brushing, too bad.If they are in the P.J.’s, too bad. Hair not combed, too bad.

They are they are scooped up and placed in someone’s car. They all really enjoy seeing the others get ‘napped, too. After everyone has been “picked up” we take them to a particular location for a meal. Perhaps a pizza parlor, someone’s home for a bar-b-que, or the church for breakfast. After the chatting, giggling and food we play a couple “get to know you” games and officially welcome the new youth to our group!(Then we return them to their parents!)

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