Wacked Out Parties

by | All Youth, Fellowship / Friendship

Have a party for some unusual holidays. For example: January (Louisiana Yam Supper Season), February (6-9th: Annual Camel Wrestling Competition in Yenipazar, Turkey), March (6-11: National Procrastination Week; 15: Buzzard Day in Hinkley, Ohio), April (6-15: National Artichoke Week), May (18-27: International Pickle Week), June (4-10: Girl Watching Week; 17 National Hollering Contest in Dunn, N.C.), July (2: Stone Skipping and Ge-Plunking Open Tournament at Mackinac Island), August (Sandwich Month; 11-12 Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa), September (2: Moustache Day; 24-30: National Dog Week), October (5-14: National Macaroni Week), November (23-Jan1: National Indigestion Season), December (16: Man Will Never Fly Memorial Day)

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