Hug Pins were a favorite when I was a youth in my youth group. Each year we go on a mission trip and every three years we participate in the Presbyterian Youth Triennium and I honestly cannot remember when Hug Pins got started but before we go on our trip we gather in our youth room with lots of Sharpies and wooden clothes pins on hand. Each person going on the trip can decorate 2-3 clothes pins each and all we require is that one side of the pin have the words “Hug Pin” on them. Then when we get to a huge gathering like our Group Workcamps we try to meet as many new people as possible and give our pins away by hugging. It awesome to see how our pins get around to so many different people at camp. Some kids like to put our church initials and their name on the pins that way they can try to track them. Whenever we give away a pin we remind the person to “pin” it on themselves until they give it away and not to keep it too long!

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