Early and Mid Adolescents

Weekly Bible Challenge

This idea started when the Bible lesson was the great commission from Matthew. The verse said Jesus and the eleven disciples went up the mountain. I asked them if anyone knew why there were only 11 not 12. No one knew. So I told them if they found the answer I would give them a candy bar.
The next week I had a different question.
Surprisingly, they enjoyed finding answers. In fact, one week I didn’t have one and they were disappointed. I think this is a good way to get them to open their Bible and become familiar with the stories and people.

What Am I?

The youth sit in a circle. One person goes outside the room, while he is away the others decide what he should “be” when he comes back. He has to ask each youth member in turn what he has to buy for himself. One may say black boots, another a whistle, another a flashlight, etc. If the shopper goes right around the circle without guessing what he is (policeman), he must go out again, and the campers will choose something else.

What Is It?

I have 4 objects in this bag
I am going to describe them one at a time and when I am done describing each one I want you to tell me what it was that I described.

Someone who tells you that you are loved
Someone who takes care of your needs
They live with you
-Parents (picture or doll)

This next object is very forgiving
It greets you the same every time you come back to it
It too lives in homes
-Dog (stuffed animal)

It is alive
It is found where people care because It is black and white and red all over
-A sun burned Zebra (picture of zebra with red coloring)

I have not only described 3 different objects, but those same descriptions apply to my last object.
Review the previous characteristics, let them guess and then pull out the last object
-A Bible

Who Do I Listen To?

Have one student sit in a chair at the front of the room. Gather 7-10 other students and instruct them to yell simple commands at the other student that is seated in the chair. For example, have one student yell to lift his/her left arm up and another student yelling at the same time to put his/her left arm down. The more commands that are yelled at the same time, the better. Needless to say, the student that is sitting down will get so frustrated that they do not know what to do.
This illustrates that in our daily life, we have so many different influences affecting our lives that it is important that we learn to listen only to Jesus… “the sheep know his voice.”

Who Sir? Me Sir?

Have the kids sit in one row containing just enough chairs for everyone. Have the kids number off, then say, “I’m looking for the one who stole my cookie jar and I believe it was number seven”. You can say any number, but the corresponding kid has to say “Who sir, me sir?” to which you reply “Yes sir, you sir”. The student then says, “No sir, not I sir”, and the leader asks, “Then who sir?” and the student replies, “Number two, sir”. Then the second students says, “Who sir, me sir?” and the leader says “Yes sir, you sir” and the game continues like this until a student messes up by saying the wrong word, hesitating too long, or answering to the wrong number. The student who messes up goes to the end of the line, and many students will have a new number. The point is to get to the front of the line, so the kids will want to keep returning the “questioning” to a person sitting closer to the front of the line to give them more opportunities to mess up so that the students can move up. The leader can add to the confusion after the kids understand how to play by talking very fast or by talking directly to one student while saying another’s number. Our kids love this game and the leader doesn’t have to worry about what to do with kids who are “out” of the game because they are never out.

With God’s Help It’s Easy

Materials needed: 1 12 foot long 1″ x 12″ board. 2 stands with slots cut so the board can be stood on its edge.

I start by laying the board flat with the 2 stands out of sight. Begin by offering a challenge to any child that if they can walk across the board they’ll get a piece of candy. Really talk it up as being very difficult. Of course as each child tries they succeed easily and with each success you get more bewildered and shocked. Then you realize you forgot something and go get the stands and stand the board up on its edge. Now re-offer the challenge and be sure to walk beside the child as they try. The board is so flimsy they all naturally reached out to me for balance.

I then was able to relate Matthew 7:13-14. Walking the broad way is easy but leads to destruction. Though the narrow way seems hard, God is always there to help.

You Are What You Wear

Have each person bring a plain T-shirt or sweatshirt to the meeting. Have kids put their names on the shirts with a piece of tape. Distribute several colours of permanent markers. Lay out the shirts and have kids go around and write positive qualities about each person on his or her shirt. Make sure that each person goes to several shirts and that all of the shirts are written on by several people. When everyone is finished, return the shirts to their owners and read aloud 2 Cor 4:16-18 and ask: Do you believe the saying, “The clothes make the man”? Why or why not? How do our outward actions – our dress and attitudes – reflect what we think of ourselves on the inside? How does it feel to wear these shirts that reflect the positive inner qualities others see in you? What can you do to make your inner qualities more evident than your outward ones?

You Walley!

This game is great as a ice breaker or the beginning of a holiday roundup.
You will need a big container with bright decorations on it and the words “You Walley” on the front. Inside the container you collect as many items as you think fit in it, using all sorts of shapes and sizes. The object of the game is to see how many someone you select can hold without dropping any. When he or she drops an item you all shout YOU WALLEY!!!
We use umbrellas, balls, hats, heavy things, soft toys, etc. Keep score and see who can carry the most!