Rustic Picture Frames

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You can collect the driftwood yourself or you can arrange a nice walk along a river or somewhere “earthy”. I basically got this idea walking along the river with my dog and he kept bringing me sticks. Collect a lot (as straight as possible but maybe with some’quirks’to them)
You need:
– 4 sticks of driftwood (whatever length depending on your picture size. I like the frame to overlap a bit on the edges)
– 1 piece of cardboard
– 1 photo
– glue gun
– ball of hemp or even leather cord

I glue the picture to the cardboard (with a glue stick…I dont know if the hot glue would destroy it not), and line the frame with the driftwood. Then I just tie the corners together and after making sure its the right size for the picture, I glue it ontop of the photo. If some edges stick out from it I just snip them off. Then you just glue on a loop of string onto the back to hang it and voila! You have a cheap frame that looks fun. You could even get really artsy and add bits off moss or go for a “seaside” theme.
Quick to make too. About 15 minutes once you get the knack of it.

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