S.E.R. Club

This is a program I started last summer to keep my teens interested in our youth group during the summer months. It can be used at any time. The S.E.R. stands for Soulwinning, Excitement, and Reward Character(as opposed to talent only). A teen could become a member of the S.E.R. CLUB by accomplishing the following: 1.) Win a certain # of people to the Lord through personal soulwinning (youth leader sets the #). 2.) Show excitement for the youth department by being at all church services and teen activities, as well as inviting & bringing visitors. The teen would fill out an activity sheet weekly to show the services attended, daily Bible reading, souls won, etc. 3.) The teen would be rewarded once they reach a specific level, such as a special meal with the Youth Director, Pastor & their wives; a very nice plaque of achievement presented to them in the Church service, and special privileges during Youth activities. Over a 3 month summer period last year, our youth group read an average of 28.75 chapters in the Bible per week, and won 27 people to the Lord. They accounted for 40% of our soulwinning crowd on Tuesday nights, and almost 15% of our churchwide Sunday School attendance.
If you would like particulars of the program, such as rules and follow-up reports, you may contact me at the e-mail above, call me at 336-785-0527 (Church), 336-918-0759 (mobile), or you may write to me at the following: Ben Streett (Youth Director) Berean Baptist Church 4135 Thomasville Road Winston-Salem, NC 27107

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Team Factor

I just thought I would share this idea with you that we are doing with our youth group. This year we have a number of newcomers and we struggled with how to build bridges between the newcomers and the regular teens in the group. We came up with the idea of Team Factor, which involves six weeks of team building activities. Instead of having our traditional game time each week, we now plan on major activity that involves a whole team. Last week, for example, I measured a number of items within our community such as buildings, signs, park benches with a banana. The team was given a list of the item I measured and 2 bananas and were sent out to measure and record their results. I awarded points for the team who came the closest for each item. Another important thing is that the teens do not get to choose what team they will be on. I broke the teens up by age and wrote numbers 1, 2 and 3 on three card (I have three teams) and had them come up one at a time and choose a card. After the six weeks we will stop and see how much the teens have learned about each other. So far they are enjoying Team Factor and we find the newcomers feel like they are a part of the group.
What I have given you here is just the concept, but it is up to the youth leader to decide how to use it. So far we are very pleased with the results.

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ACTS After Church To Somewhere

At least once per month, if not more often, go somewhere after your latest Sunday church service. Vary the location among restaurants, outdoor activities, home fellowships, etc. Encourage youth to bring their friends to the service beforehand.

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Bible Quiz

Bible quiz.We frequently do this at our youth meetings. The idea behind is to encourage the youth to study the bible and to know it.

Youth leader. Set questions from the bible.
Have the correct answers with you, which you will disclose or check with, when questions are being answered.

1 Please name all the 12 disciples whom
Christ Jesus walked with?
2.Name first books of the bible in their
3.Give us the names of Moses’ Mother and
4.How many books are there in the Bible?
5.Complete this verse. “Be still and know
that I am God———”
6.From which book and verse of the bible do
we find this verse
7.What is the shortest verse of the
bible,were is it found
8. Which book of the bible comes before
the book of Philemon

Have as many questions as you can according to the time you meet
Divide the youths into two groups,i.e (Group 1 and 2)
Ask group 1 first question if they got it right give them 2 marks
Ask group 2 second question and if they got it give them their two marks.

You can give half marks if they got part of the question correct. It’s up to you to decide.
If one of the groups fails to answer, open it to the other group, for a bonus point of 1 mark. Then ask them also their question if they got it right, this will mean they will be a point ahead of the other group.
As you continue, they will be some competition, and one group will be better than the other or they will be equal.

I have just set these questions now and I know all the answers. For intrest’s sake how many did you get right without looking for the answers.
“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” 2 Timothy 2:15

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One of the most powerful programs that my church has is called deCycles. deCycles are approximately 40 to 50 teenagers who get together for 2 weeks in July and bike ride throughout places,while staying at churches along the way.This bike trip helps everyone get a better and closer look to God and even helps people who are not familiar to God get a better view.This year many kids were Saved on the trip.It has helped a lot for all of them.This group originally started in Hartford City,Indiana in the 1970’s and at that time they would ride 1,000 miles (like we do now) but it would take at least 1 month or longer because the deCycles at that time rode to and throughout Canada.Now the deCycles are owned and operated by Shiloh Community Church in Orleans,Michigan. Shiloh Church purchased the deCycles in 1986 from the church that owned it in Hartford City, Indiana.

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Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship (YF) is something that we have been doing at my church for quite some time now. Basically what we do is after church at night, we all go to a different member of the church’s house and have our youth groups there. we have a laugh and some food and also for 15 mins have a short discussion. (This could either be leaded by the church pastor or the family hosting the youth. This is a good way to get the youth more friendly with the (older) ones in the church.

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Party Of Five

Host a once-a-month dinner/party at your home for a short time in the evening where only five or so people in the youth group are allowed. Goof off, chat, have a great time, and just spend some quality time with these youth. Set up a rotational sign-up system to determine who can come so that no one is left out. Concentrate on new/unchurched youth.

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Come To The Table

This is something that I did with my youth group in Friona, TX last summer along with Lessie Collins, we were summer youth interns. Every week (or every other week if schedules are stuffed to the brim) we would host a lunch. It can be anytime during the week or weekend. We usually tried to do them on Sunday after church. Lessie and I would cook for about 10-12 youth, make sure to mix it up and have people that don’t “hang out” often, and also have little cards with a verse centering around a specific theme; friendship, honesty, faith, etc. After lunch we would all gather and the youth would read their cards and tell us what it meant to them and then we would discuss the theme after everyone was finished. Later that same evening we would have all the youth at the church for dinner and a devotional. The youth that were at the Come To The Table earlier would then serve the youth that were not at the lunch. They could also be the ones giving the devotional for the dinner. It was a big success. It gave us a chance to connect with smaller groups at a time and break the ice between people who normaly wouldn’t associate with one another.

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Pre-Youth Orientation

Does your church host VBS every summer? And do you promote sixth-graders into your youth group at the end of each summer? Then take both of these ideas and form a healthy transition for you incoming youth group members from sixth grade. Talk with your senior pastor and VBS workers, and explain that you would like to “pull” the sixth-graders out of normal VBS activities and do something special for them during the same time they would normally be in VBS. Make it a “Pre-Youth Camp,” or something similar. Get to know the new kids. Reach out to the fringe kids who thought they were just showing up for simple VBS for a week. Share basic Bible studies with them in the fun ways you do in the youth group. Introduce them to all of the games, songs, and traditions that the youth group is so familiar with. This way, when they become official youth group members, they will have had a fun and memorable experience with peers and not feel so intimidated at their first event/activity.

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1derful Wednesday

Discipling Youth by reaching children.

The idea seems too simplistic but it is a powerful transferable concept. As part of my Master’s Program of studies, I had to design an urban ministry. My concept was to run programs in a local park during the summer to reach disciple teens by reaching and discipling children, and then move the program to a school gym in the colder months.

I began with a few youth who helped put up posters in the neighbourhood on telephone poles. Kids were invited to a neighbourhood water fight. The first day 60 kids showed up. We had them all register to participate. The girl doing the registration was only 10 years old!!

All the kids were told to stick around after the fight to receive a prize. At the end I spoke for five minutes about Jesus, announced next Wednesday’s event and then gave out prizes. (on the first day a ten year old boy named John stuck around to pray the sinners prayer with me and volunteered to be a helper!)

In a few months we had twenty teens who wanted to volunteer and a dozen kids who wanted to be part of our discipleship program called DC (direct current)

The really 1derful thing about the Program was the way teens boldly took leadership and shared their faith. Over 6 years 2000 kids in that Toronto neighbourhood accepted Christ. Over 600 of these kids also graduated from our discipleship program that met on the same day half an hour before the event.

Today some of the teens who ran those programs are pastoring, leading Christian organizations, and being effective leaders in their churches.

Originally I asked teens in my youth group to devote one summer to Christ. Over time they came to devote their whole lives. If you want to hear more about this or would like some tips on getting started please email me at -Ron.

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