Outreach & Witnessing

Bottled Water Outreach

For times in which you wish to involve your youth group in a ministry to the people in your community you can add this idea to your list of things to do.

On a day that is particularly hot go out and purchase a few cases of bottled water (Popsicles are another idea… make sure they’re frozen, though) and a couple bags of ice, and then place them in a some ice chests.

Choose a way to get your youth group name or church name on the ice chests for people to see. You can simply place it on a piece of paper taped to its front or let the students in your youth group find a creative way to display it.

Then, choose an area to visit in your community where large groups of people migrate to and/or participate in different sports or other physical activities. Some such places might include a skate park, or other community park/gathering place.

Once you have chosen and made it to your location have your students get into groups of three or more and give them a certain amount of time to offer and hand out the cooled water bottles to those in the park.

Make sure to give your students ideas of what to say to curious people who might offer them questions concerning their gesture of kindness.

Overall, this is great way for the teens of your group to get involved in sharing the love of Christ through their actions.

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Senior Center Outreach

If you have a group of willing servents in your youth group, then set a date on your calendar to help local senior citizens in the community. You will need to make a sign that says that your youth group is willing to do odd jobs for senior citizens in the community simply because Jesus loves them. Put your church number on the sign and the date of the event. You should also consider limiting it to the first 10 to 20 people that call depending on the size of your group. Otherwise, you will be working for weeks on end! Next, post the sign at the town senior center and watch the calls come in.
When the day arives, have tracts on hand and some literature on your church. Accept no money because you are doing it to be a blessing and a witness for Jesus Christ.

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Servant Saturday

Our youth group held a ‘Servant Saturday’. We made arrangements with the older (80 +) people in our church and we assigned an adult and 2-3 teens to each house who wanted help and we worked for 2-3 hours at each place. We did whatever job needed to be done. This was as much a blessing to the youth as the seniors.

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Mission to the Mall

If a nearby mall has a stage, you can set up a Mission to the Mall. We used the stage in our mall for a youth service. We had dances, skits, worship songs, and testimonies and blasted Christian music at the mall. It was awesome for us as students and we witnessed to a lot of people walking by. We asked people ‘how may I pray for you’ and gave out tracts. I had to go through insurance and clearing everything up with the mall manager – but it was free and an awesome and beneficial time.

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Sharing Children’s Books

Plan to visit a children’s hospital, children’s home, day care centre or Christian centre in your area. In advance, meet with the appropriate person at the location to plan your eventual visit with the youth group. Tell your youth group members about the upcoming visit and ask them to select one of their favourite books from childhood. At the location, they will be grouped with one or more children. They will read and discuss the book together. After the story time they will donate the books to the organization. Church members may donate books if necessary. Let the kids become familiar with the book ahead of time so they can read it with enthusiasm. Once the books are chosen, ask them to bring them to the youth group meeting and ask the following questions about each book: 1.) How are values presented? 2.) Who are the heroes in the story? What does the book teach us about heroes? What is the symbolism of the story? etc….

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Topsy Turkey

This Thanksgiving, don’t just collect Spam and generic green beans for Thanksgiving. Challenge your youth to collect one turkey for every member and donate it to the local food pantry or mission for Thanksgiving. Select leaders from each age group or Sunday School class and have them publicize and lead the effort. Make them responsible for X number of turkeys as they rally their peers and the adults of the church to donate turkeys. Publicize this effort in the local newspapers as well.

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I Believe, We Believe

This has become a HUGE thing in our city. On the first and third mondays of every month, students all across the city wear a navy-blue t-shirt with the words “I Believe” on the front. Every Monday this takes place you can walk though a middle school or high school and see hundreds of kids wearing these shirts. When people stop to ask, this is the opportunity to share the Gospel.

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Shopping Cart Scavenger Hunt

Send your kids on the most unforgettable shopping trip they’ve ever been on. And help the needy in your area at the same time. Contact a local food bank ahead of time to learn what items it needs most. Then make a “grocery list” of 15 to 20 of the items. Get permission to borrow shopping carts from a local grocery store. Form teams of no more than four. Give each team a shopping cart and a grocery list. Have teams go door-to-door in search of the items on the list. Award a pizza to the first team to return with its shopping completed. When everyone is back. have a discussion about giving. Use Deut 15:7-10; Prov 25:21; Matt 10:42; 22:34-40; Acts 2-:35; Romans 12:6-13; and 2 Cor 9:6-9 as discussion starters. Then go together to take the food kids collected to the local food bank.

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Youth Video Ministry

I came up with the idea that youth groups and their churches could run a small film club or ministry. In that, the kids would shoot, direct, act, edit, etc., they’re own films. This would be a great learning experience for them and would make their youth group more fun, exciting and meaningful. It would also help the kids connect with the rest of the church when they show their movie to their church, and also when other church members help in the making of their movie. The movies that the kids would make would of course be Christian movies that would help edify the church and preach the Gospel, the eternal message of Jesus! Youths could make documentaries, dramas, action/adventure movies, worship videos and much more. It could reach out to so many people and be used for many different things. The films could be used for fundraising, community outreaches, mission trips, documenting church activities such as retreats, or even interviewing different church members for they’re testimonies of how they came to know God. The uses and advantages for starting a film or video ministry with young people is endless. Also, the cost for such an undertaking is quite low. An inexpensive camcorder and a simple editing system is all one needs to start the ministry. For more info check out Warriors of Truth at http://www.geocities.com/~warrioroftruth or email me at warrioroftruth@webtv.net.

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Anyone Seen the Christ Child?

Around Christmas time, the youth or church bible studies get together and make cookie bags, or any gifts of such. Then go around to your local Fire-Stations, Emergency rooms, etc., and present the gift to them, and ask them “Have You seen the Christ Child?” and share with then the story of the candy cane or the Christmas story, and share about your church’s ministries. It’s a very effective and positive outreach.

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