Outdoor Youth Group Games

Hose-Head Wrestling

In this wonderful game you need at least 2 pairs of panty hose, and 2 tennis balls. This game is a free-for-all, so instruct youth to come up with silly Wrestling names. Then select two opponents to start out with (a fun thing to do would be to have a youth leader or leaders demonstrate this for the first time), the opponents take a tennis ball and put it in the end of the pantyhose leg, and then put the other end completely over their head, so that each has an ear and a covered face. Then they swing the tennis ball around in circles with their head, no hands can be used, and try to entangle the opponents tennis ball and pull off their pantyhose from their head. The one who loses the match is the one who loses his “mask”. The winner can stay in or you can have a “round-robin” type tournament. Great fun for all size groups! Can be played indoor in a large open area, but be careful.

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Tin Foot Two

On an open paved area, draw Start and Finish lines about 10 yards apart. Divide the group into pairs. Players line up at the start line with partners standing on three tin can stilts, sharing the middle stilt with their inside feet. When the leader says, “Go,” the pairs of players race across the playground to the finish line. The first pair to cross the finish line wins.

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Exactly like Control and Choas except for the eviromentally sound. Instead of business cards provide ‘Chaos’ agents with soda crackers. You won’t have to worry about littering and the local wildlife has a lovely snack left over from the game. If you want to leave packets of peanut butter and jam after you’re done that’s your perogative.

I provided this back story to set up the game. I honestly didn’t think it was going to work but it did!

“Everyone knows that the best thing to have with Chicken Noodle Soup is Soda Crackers and the people of Chickensoupatopia sure love their soup. A trade blockade has been set up around the nation of Chickensoupatopia (the 10′ – 15′ circle) by the BeefNoodleTonians who do not like soda crackers at all. The Queen/or King of Chickensoupatopia has called out to all Chickensoupatopians around the world to try to break through the blockade with their soda crackers”.

It is best to have one of your leaders or a non-active youth act as the Queen or King. They just have to stand there. At the end of the game take all the crackers, whole and in pieces and whoever has the most crackers wins the game.

Dare a kid to eat some of the crackers or leave them for the critters. The choice is yours.

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Stop and Go Football

This is a take off of the old vibrating electric football games. The quarterback calls “hike” and eligible receivers (everyone) runs their patterns. When the quarterback yells “stop” everybody freezes and he tries to complete a pass. Play resumes when the pass is either complete or incomplete. We play two hand touch, no first downs, and no rushing the quarterback.

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Duracell Kickball

The game is played much like kickball. The players are divided into two teams. One team takes the field and the other team is the kicking team. One at a time, the members of the kicking team kicks the ball and runs the bases. However, the goal of the fielding team is to return the ball to the pitcher. Those on the kicking team continue to run the bases until the ball is in the pitcher’s hand. Once the ball is in the pitchers hand, the runners stop whereever they are. On bases, between bases, etc. If a runner reaches home they receive a point for their team and continue on to first base again. Once everyone on the kicking team has had a chance to kick the ball and run the bases, the teams switch. If you have more than 10 people on a team, the runners are out of energy after only one or two innings– Thus the name Duracell Kickball.

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Capture The Flag with a Twist

Divide your group into 2 teams. There has to be a main point where people from each team if hit with a water bomb must go for 1 minute. Each team also has to hide their flag from the other team. Once the game has started, they have to get the flag from the other team. Using water bombs as the defence for your two teams. Once a person has been hit by a water bomb, they are escorted to jail. Players rush or storm the opposite team by running to try and find the flag — but if you get hit — off to jail you go. Once a team member has picked up the flag they have to run back to where there flag is without being hit. If they are hit with a water bomb they must drop the flag where they were hit. After the opposite team’s flag has reached it’s opponents side–the game is finished.

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Capture the Flag w/ Eggs

You divide into 2 teams. Each team gets a bucket of eggs. (1-2 eggs per person). You play somewhat like normal Capture the Flag but you try to see how many of your team’s eggs can make their way to the other people’s side. (Every side should have an empty bucket for the other team’s eggs.) Throwing eggs is not suggested but if an egg is thrown the person that threw it is out.

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Queen Bee

Materials: water bags (bombs) the more, the merrier!


Wet, messy, and lots of fun! Make groups of at least 8-10 individuals. Situate each group within throwing distance from the other groups. With the groups already in place, limit a group’s area by drawing a round border around them, big enough to allow movement among the group members. Instruct the group members never to go beyond their circle no matter what. Each group selects a “queen”, all the others either become the “worker or soldier drones”. The worker drones should protect the queen from getting wet. They may huddle together around the queen to form a protective barrier. Soldier drones are tasked to assault the other groups. Distribute the water bags equally among each group. At your signal, the fight begins. Note: The soldier drones may block incoming water bombs or catch some and hurdle it back to the other groups. When all the water bombs are exhausted, the group’s queen with the driest clothes wins the game.

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Red Rover!

I used to play this is primary school. I think this is an oldie!

Two large even teams separate and stand in a line and link arms. the two teams stand at opposite ends of the ‘field’ facing each other. One team starts and shouts ‘red rover, red rover, we call ‘Helen’ over’.

Helen the has to run over to the other team and has one try to break one of the linked arms! If she is unsuccessful then she has to join that team, if she is successful then the 2 people who’s link was broken must join her team. the other team does the same.

The winning team is the one that has the most people.

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Foot Cricket

This is an excellent game for nearly all ages. 8+ but ideal for teens.

You will need:

1. A large playing area
2. One Soccerball
3. 4 marking cones
4. Cricket stumps (on a stand)

Set the stumps up and then place one marking cone a decent lenghth away. With the other three marking cones mark a straight diagonal line towards NW from the stumps. Increase the distance between cones as you go.

The bowler will roll the ball UNDERARM at the batsmen and the batsman can kick it in any direction. If they get caught or are bowled then they are out. The batsman will score 1 run for running around the first cone and returning to his/stumps. 2 for running round the 2nd cone and 3 runs for running round the third cone. The twist is that if the fielders return the ball to the bowler then they can bowl at any time. If the batsman isnt there then they may well be bowled. It is great to watch the ultra competative ones just get back to give the ball a slight tap 5-6 times in a row and then get bowled out simply because they are out of breath!!!

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