Cheese Puff Challenge

Get several bags of Cheese Puffs any brand. Can be done in teams or individually.

Take one cheese Puff and nibble a little bit of one end away. Then,take another Cheese Puff and do the same. Now,moisten the nibbled end of one of the Cheese Puffs and stick it to the nibbled end of the other cheese puff. They will stick like glue and remain that way. Now keep adding to the fused Cheese Puffs to see how long you can make a bunch of Cheese Puffs. This is a riot and a very tasty game.

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Sundae School

On the last day of our Vacation Bible School (VBS), we had each child write down five (5) things that they learned during VBS. Then, we presented each child with a pass to go to “Sundae School”. Each child was allowed to make their own ice cream sundaes in “Sundae School”. We had ice cream, fruit, marshmallows, gummy bear, nuts, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

It was a fun way to end VBS and we were able to relate it to the Bible.

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A simple phone call the afternoon of youth events.
All kids who walk in the door fill out a card with their name, address, phone number, Highschool, grade, and birthdate/age.
Put their name and phone on a list to give to 2 or 3 of your Hard Core youth. Each Wed. or Fri. or whenever you have youth, the kids with the lists call everyone on the list. If they’re not home leave a message. If they know people care about them, they’ll come. The main focus of the call is to make sure to remind them of the youth function for that night. Second, whether they are coming or not, to pray with them about anything in their life they may be struggling with. Each youth function, no matter how little, or how big.
Show these kids you care, and especially that the other kids care about them to. Make it a place where they can feel at home, no cliques, no making fun, nothing but Christ’s love being shown. And remember, DON’T BE AFRAID TO PREACH ON SIN.

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Destiny Draw

The “Destiny Draw” has really worked well for me in ministry. It’s a great way to get the kids in your group to pay attention to you and to be cooperative.

What I do is have the youth write out a small punishment or generally gross thing to do, on a piece of paper. I don’t tell them why. What you’ll find is that the more troublesome/wild youth will tend to make up some rather creative suggestions. Then I crumple the papers up (after approving them) and keep them in a bowl or hat. (*** We’ve had draws such as eat a slice of bread soaked in ketchup, keep your nose pressed to the leader’s sock for 30 seconds, water punishements, etc.) That’s when I drop the bomb on them and let them know that if they are uncooperative, they will be forced to take a Destiny Draw and do what is on the paper they draw.

It’s proven to be a great deterrent in my group and all the kids keep an eye on each other… hoping someone will get the dreaded… the feared… Destiny Draw.

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Youth ‘Service’ Day

Once a year we have a youth service, where the worship team is made of youth and young adults. We introduce new songs for our congregation and bring a different “young” taste to things. This year we decided that we want to do something else special for our church. We told all the parents with younger children (nursery to grade 6) to leave their kids with us, while they go out for a nice quiet lunch. We (the youth and youth sponsors) supplied a hot dog and Kraft Dinner lunch, and lots of games to keep the kids entertained. It was a lot of fun, the kids had a blast and the parents did too.

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Food Drive

Our town is very small, 450 people. Every fall our youth group, made up of 20 kids, spends a Sunday afternoon going door to door collecting food for the county food pantry. We advertise in the paper and local radio. Residents who are not home leave bags of food on the front steps. Members of our church from out of the area are encouraged to bring their items to Sunday morning worship. It is a great way to get the gets out into the community and help those who are less fortunate.

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Abraham & Sarah Skit

Characters: Abraham Sarah Pharaoh Officer Officer 2

Scene: Abraham in Egypt.

Narrator: Abraham was getting ready to enter Egypt when he became afraid…

Abraham: Sarah, You are sooooo beautiful. If I take you into Egypt, they will want you for themselves, and so they will kill me, so they can marry you with a clear conscience.

Sarah: Oh, Abraham, God has taken good care of us before, and I am sure he will again.

Abraham: No, I think we need to be very cautious. Say that I am your brother and I will say you are my sister so that nothing will happen to us. If we do this, I will not be killed.

Sarah: Oh, Abraham! I will do it, but I am only doing it because the Lord commands me to obey my husband. But… I am not happy about it.

Narrator: Later that Day, They entered Egypt, and as Abraham expected, the Egyptians were enchanted with Sarah’s Beauty. Pharaoh’s officers immediately went to Pharaoh.

Officer: Oh, Pharaoh, you should see this beautiful woman that just came into the city. She has the most beautiful eyes, and her hair is so silky. Her whole face lights up when she smiles! I just know you would love her when you see her.

Officer 2: Oh yes, not only is she lovely, but she is very very sweet. Her voice is tender as a flower, and sweet as sugar!

Pharaoh: Bring her too me. She sounds like a beauty. I just can’t pass this opportunity up, without taking a look at her.

Narrator: The officers came to Abraham and Sarah and asked them who they were.

Officer: We have come on our Great Pharaoh’s behalf. He would like to know who you are and why you are here.

Abraham: I am Abraham, and this is my sister Sarah. We are on our way through Egypt to our new home.

Officer 2: Sarah, since Abraham has no claim to you and you are his sister, you must be free to wed, is that correct?

Sarah: I am his sister, that is correct.

Officer 2: Well then, The Great Pharaoh would like to see you, please come with us.

Narrator: So, Sarah went to the Palace, and Pharaoh thought she was soooo beautiful that he wanted to make her his wife. He was sooo pleased that Abraham had let him take Sarah, that he gave sheep, cows, donkeys, servants and camels. (Which would be like getting a Car, Truck, Freezer full of food, housecleaners, and a BIG FAT pay check today.) But…pretty soon, Pharaoh and his entire household became very very sick. And Pharaoh noticed that Abraham was very fond of Sarah, and she of him and he began to see them flirt all the time—then he figured things out.

Pharaoh: I command you officers to go and get Abraham and Sarah, his sister, right away.

Officer: Yes your majesty, we will go immediately.

Officer 2: Yes sir

Narrator: So, The officers went to get Abraham first.

Officer: Abraham, our Great King Pharaoh has commanded that you and your sister come before him immediately.

Officer 2: And I don’t think he was very happy, you do know that his whole household is sick, and miserable, even the servants. Even me, look at my horrid hives and spots, and that is just what you can see, not what is under my shirt, its even worse, because the shirt irritates my skin.

Officer: Yes, and for some strange reason, Pharaoh thinks that you have something to do with the diseases going around.

Abraham: Uh oh!

Narrator: The officers took Abraham along with them while they went to get Sarah.

Abraham: Oh, Sarah, before the officers say anything to you, let me tell you that I am very sorry, and you were right.

Officer: Sarah, Great King Pharaoh has commanded that you and your brother come before him immediately.

Officer 2: He thinks that you have something to do with all the sickness in his house.

Officer: Come with us.

Pharaoh: Ah! Abraham and Sarah, you have finally made it. Listen, I wish you would have told me the truth right up front. I would have let you pass through to your new home without a word. Instead you lied to me, and caused my whole house, even my servants to get sick. I am not happy with you, but I am not a cruel man. I have a mind to kill you or put you in jail, but, I cannot, my conscience won’t let me. Go Away from here.

Abraham: Oh, sir, I am so sorry, my wife did not want me to lie, but I forced her to because I was afraid. I…

Pharaoh: I don’t want any more excuses, get out of here. I don’t want to see your face again.

Narrator: And with that, Abraham left Egypt with his wife and all of his belongings. Now, you would think that Abraham would learn his lesson, but…a few months later the same thing happened again. Abraham and Sarah were now living in the country Gerar, but before they moved there he talked to Sarah again.

Abraham in Gerar

Characters: Abraham Sarah Abimelech Servant God

Abraham: Sarah, the people in the land we are about to make our home in, are not very nice to strangers, especially strangers with beautiful wives. I think we need to tell the sister story again.

Sarah: Oh, Abraham. You know what happened before. I nearly had to marry the king, and then when the truth came out, we almost got killed or put in jail.

Abraham: I know, I know, but it will be different this time. I am sure of it. I just don’t want to get killed, actually, I am kinda scared of the people in this country.

Sarah: Abraham, I refuse. This is so stupid. Don’t you trust God enough to tell the truth. I think it is worse to lie. At least if you tell the truth, you are obeying God.

Abraham: NO! I absolutely refuse to tell them the truth. Sarah, I know what will happen. It won’t be pretty. You MUST agree with me to tell them that you are my sister, and I am your brother. If you don’t…bad things will happen.

Sarah: Abraham, I cannot. I will not say anything at all. I will NOT lie again. It made me feel horrid. I will not disagree with you, but I will not assist you in lying either.

Narrator: Pretty soon, here came the kings servants for Sarah. Abraham had made it known the city that they were brother and sister. When the king saw her, he was overwhelmed with her GREAT beauty and grace. And now.. we see the same thing happen all over again.

Servant: Abraham,& Sarah, greetings from the Great King Abimelech. The Great King, wishes to see Sarah Immediately

Abraham: Uh Oh, here we go again

Sarah: I told you so!

Narrator: So, you guessed it. Sarah again appeared before the king. And I bet you can guess what happened.

Abimelech: Oh, Sarah, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined. I am prepared to offer you and your brother great gifts if you will please marry me. I cannot imagine life without you. Your eyes sparkle and your face is beautiful., More beautiful than any other woman in my kingdom.

Sarah: Thank you for the great honor and compliment my lord, but…

Abimelech: Servant, please take Sarah to the nicest room, and give her the best perfume and clothing that we have. Make sure that she has anything and everything that she needs and make sure that Abraham is paid for his sister.

Narrator: So, Sarah was taken to a beautiful room. More beautiful than any room we have ever been in. Imagine. Silk Sheets, Beautiful Tapestries & Paintings on the wall, Fresh Flowers in large vases, and drapes made of the riches fabrics imaginable. The floors were lined with the softest carpet, and the bed had the softest mattress that money could buy. There were candles glowing and plenty of food on the side table. There was Fruit, chocolate, and many different kinds of drink. There was gold and silver knobs on all the doors and dresser drawers. It was breathtaking. But Sarah was sad! She knew this was wrong, she could never marry a king. She was already married. That night, Abimelech was in for a surprise.

God: Abimelech, you are as good as a dead man! The woman in the next room is not single, she is married.

Abimelech: But, God, I did nothing wrong. I didn’t know that she was married, Abraham said that she was his sister. Will you really destroy a nation, because of this? I am innocent. I did nothing wrong. I have not touched her. Not even kissed her, I did this with a clear conscience.

God: I know you did this with a clear conscience, and that is precisely why I have stopped you now, before you wed her. Now, be sure and return her to her husband. If you don’t, you and everyone in your house will die! Mark my words.

Narrator: Early the next morning, Abimelech called all his servants and officials and advised them to go and get Abraham and Sarah(didn’t this happen once before)

Servant: Abraham, come with me, the king wants to see you and Sarah.

Abraham: Uh oh, I know what comes next. Maybe I should have listened to Sarah

Narrator: Duh—pretty soon, Abraham and Sarah appeared before the king.

Abimelech: I don’t understand you. Why did you lie to me. I was nearly killed, but your God spared my life. What is wrong with you? Why??

Abraham: I was afraid your highness-I thought you would kill me because of my wife and her great beauty.

Abimelech: I may be a King, but I do have morals and I don’t just kill for no reason. You have caused a lot of harm to me. The Lord is punishing me. Because I respect God and know that you are a prophet, I will let you continue to live here in this country. Since I have offended your God and Sarah, I will give you one thousand shekels of silver, sheep, cows and servants, to cover my offence. Please pray to your God, that he will remove the curse from my household. I cannot bear it.

Narrator: So, Abraham prayed to God, and repented for lying and asked him to remove the curse from Abimelech’s household. You see, God had caused all the women in the kings’ household (even the servants) to become barren (which means you can’t have a baby) because of Abimelech’s sin. After Abraham prayed, God was pleased and healed all the women in the kings’ household.

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Oops Wrong Video

Is your youth group snoozing and you’re about to show them an important teaching video. Why not purposefully put in a “wrong video” it could be a clean, older SNL sketch or Godzilla movie, Three Stooges, any goofy thing that will snap them back into reality. Go ahead then and show your video now that you have everyone’s attention.

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Progressive Dinner

In advance, assign and have several youth leaders or church members prepare a different meal course (appetizer, soup, salad, main, dessert) at their home. On the night of the dinner, the youth will travel from home to home to have each meal course. This is something that I have done several times and it is a lot of fun! Teens like it a lot because as we know teens enjoy food, but they also like to hang out with their friends. This dinner can also work with adults too.

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Deformed or Conformed???

What gives us the right to consider someone else “deformed”? Everyday there is probably more than one supposedly “deformed” child born into this world. “Deformed” because maybe he is missing a body part, like an arm or leg. You know whom I’m talking about. Everyone will meet at least one “deformed” person, right? Wrong!!!!!! The reason I say this is because we are all the same in God’s eyes. In God’s eyes, no one is “deformed” or any synonym of the word deformed. Everyone is perfectly formed, because they are exactly the way God wanted and the way God made them.
I have this cousin named Geoffrey. According to doctors, his is “physically handicapped”. I don’t look at him that way though. What I see is a tangible blessing! The reason I say that is because if he falls, for instance, everyone comes running to assist him. His supposable disorder makes it seem as though everyone cares. It makes it seem like we actually use the loving ability God gave us.
Doctors and technology have misdirected anyone who considers someone else “deformed”. These doctors use technology to set the standards of human beings. These are the standards state that, “A human should have two legs, should have two arms, and those who don’t are physically deformed.”
My opinion is different though! I believe that everyone was created to be “perfectly, imperfect”! I think everyone was created “perfectly” according to God’s wishes and will, yet everyone is “imperfect” because no one is the same! They were not created to correspond with any medical standards. So the next time you see that friend of yours that is supposedly “deformed”, stop and try to think of it in this “new perspective”. You might agree with me after you do.

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