Cheese Puff Challenge

Get several bags of Cheese Puffs any brand. Can be done in teams or individually.

Take one cheese Puff and nibble a little bit of one end away. Then,take another Cheese Puff and do the same. Now,moisten the nibbled end of one of the Cheese Puffs and stick it to the nibbled end of the other cheese puff. They will stick like glue and remain that way. Now keep adding to the fused Cheese Puffs to see how long you can make a bunch of Cheese Puffs. This is a riot and a very tasty game.

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Sundae School

On the last day of our Vacation Bible School (VBS), we had each child write down five (5) things that they learned during VBS. Then, we presented each child with a pass to go to “Sundae School”. Each child was allowed to make their own ice cream sundaes in “Sundae School”. We had ice cream, fruit, marshmallows, gummy bear, nuts, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

It was a fun way to end VBS and we were able to relate it to the Bible.

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In order to create more unity and fellowship and love amongst our teens we thought up the idea of sending mail to one another that would solely be encouraging mail. We added a twist however, and decided to update the idea for the 90’s. We made up a shelf that had a slot for each person in the youth group (including the adult sponsors, and myself) and also made up slips with room to write these letters of encouragement on. The whole system is called e-mail for encouragement mail, and we have found that the youth have caught on to the idea well,and every week almost, everyone gets an “e-mail!”

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Water Decathlon

Great idea for a swimming party. Teams have 10 members each and 10 places around the pool are marked for each team’s station. >>> Sample events: 1.) Swim across the pool with an egg balanced in a spoon. If the egg falls, the swimmer must retrieve it and continue. 2.) Dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a brick. 3.) Swim across the pool with a tether ball tied to each ankle. 4.) Dive and swim underwater across the pool 5.) Dunk the youth leader in the pool. The contestant must hit a target of some sort and if he/she does, the youth leader is pushed off the diving board.

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Do You Have Your Marble

Do you have your marble is a great way to teach youth about responsibility and also raise money – just simply give each teen a marble tell them they are responsible to keep the marble on them at all times. If you see someone that you know should have the marble (maybe at the mall, school etc.), ask them “do you have your marble?” If they don’t, they give a donation to the youth fund – you can set a price like a buck or fifty cents. Real fun!

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Wisdom Rocks Contest

A Wisdom Rocks Contest is where each week the kids have the opportunity to read (on their own time before youth) a chapter of Proverb that would coincide with any day of one previous to class (5th chapter for 5th of month). They would pick out their favorite verse and write what it meant to them in their life. Each week we’d pick a winner depending on who best “got it”. If you did not want to have to choose a winner, you could enter them all in a weekly drawing with candy or such being a weekly reward for such. We gave away money toward upcoming youth events. $3 for first, $2 for second and $1 for third. Of course, I kept the money in the youth account for them.

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Making Eggs Skit

This skit is something that I learned at a party. And we now do it all the time!

First you get 5 people to do this skit.
{1} a director of the play
{2} a making egg person
{3} another maker of eggs
{4} a person who passes out
{5} and a doctor

You have the “egg person” start by pretending that they are mixing up eggs in a bowl, then the second “egg maker” comes up and asks
“Whatcha’ doing?” Then the egg person says “making eggs.” Then the maker of the eggs is confused and asked “Making eggs?” And the egg persons says “making eggs.” Then she/he agrees and joins him/her. Then the passer out comes in and asks the same the question and asks the egg person and the maker the same question. Then she passes out when she founds out what they are doing. And then The maker says to the egg persons” Call 911!” And the egg maker calls 911, and says” 911?” “yes?” answers the doctor. ” I think a person died!” And they answer “Ok. I will be right there.”
The doctor comes and picks up the dead person’s hand and says “Yep. She’s/he’s dead.” And then the director comes out {it is like a play they are putting on} and says” NO,NO,NO you must do it must slower!”
So as you can guess, You have to do the WHOLE thing over again but extremely slower very very slow!!!!! And when you drop the passer outer hand really slow!!!! The the director comes out again, but this times tell them to do it much much more faster!!!!
So again you have to do the WHOLE thing over again but extremely faster!!!!! It is hiliarious to listen to their voices as the try to make them go slow or make them faster!!!!! But at the very end everyone just gives up!!!!! It is a really funny skit!

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Freak Day At The Mall

Take the youth to a shopping mall, but tell them in advance that they are to dress as “freaky” as they feel comfortable doing. Then you can just window shop as a group or do a scavenger hunt, etc. Afterwards you can debrief this activity by discussing how they felt people treated them based on their appearance, and talk about how we tend to judge people on looks.

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Where’s Wally?

Go to a crowded market with lots of tourists etc, or a mall/shopping complex. Have a number of Wallys (the group leaders) in various disguise wandering around, and kids in teams have to find them. One or more leaders could dress up as Wally (from the puzzles) and be worth bonus points. This lasts two hours easily at our local market – (kids can look at the stalls as well on the way).
This can be varied in a number of ways, include scavenger hunts, cryptic clues to get to the market etc, etc.
Our last one was renamed “Mission Impossible” and included a cryptic route to the market and then to find the leaders in disguise.

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Henna Tattoos

Try this instead of, or in addition to, ashes for Ash Wednesday. Our high school group tattooed ourselves with henna for Lent. You can get henna for tatoos in many places–mainly stores with “funky” stuff, but also at beauty shops. Each person had to be able to express aloud how their design reflected their relationship with God. I put crosses on my palms and feet to symbolize Jesus’ nails. One young man put a superman symbol on his stomach because Jesus is his superhero. And on it went. After we were all decorated, we formed a circle and laid hands on each person, praying that Jesus will use the tattoos to speak to the person during Lent.
Henna is a natural dye that is absorbed in the skin. It produces a rusty brown stain on the skin that last approximately 3 weeks, or until that layer of skin is worn off. I think this will become an Ash Wednesday tradition for our high school program. It is just crazy enough to be attractive to the kids, but not so crazy that parents object. And I know that Jesus has used the crosses on my palms to teach me a thing or two!

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