Cheese Puff Challenge

Get several bags of Cheese Puffs any brand. Can be done in teams or individually.

Take one cheese Puff and nibble a little bit of one end away. Then,take another Cheese Puff and do the same. Now,moisten the nibbled end of one of the Cheese Puffs and stick it to the nibbled end of the other cheese puff. They will stick like glue and remain that way. Now keep adding to the fused Cheese Puffs to see how long you can make a bunch of Cheese Puffs. This is a riot and a very tasty game.

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Sundae School

On the last day of our Vacation Bible School (VBS), we had each child write down five (5) things that they learned during VBS. Then, we presented each child with a pass to go to “Sundae School”. Each child was allowed to make their own ice cream sundaes in “Sundae School”. We had ice cream, fruit, marshmallows, gummy bear, nuts, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

It was a fun way to end VBS and we were able to relate it to the Bible.

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The Eyes Have It

This is not so much a game as it is a powerful way to bring down walls in your youth group. Divide your group in half and have each of the two groups line up single-file and shoulder-to-shoulder, facing each other so that everyone has a partner. For instance, if you have 20 people, divide them into group 1 and group 2 like this:


Each person in group 1 holds hands with his/her partner in group 2, and must stare deep into the other person’s eyes without saying a word — this may be hard to achieve at first but it is absolutely essential. Play some mellow Christian music in the background. Every ten seconds or so, pause the music briefly (one second or so) to signal that the entire group is to shift clockwise so that everyone changes partners. Continue this until everyone has been a partner with everyone else.

The point? Many youth stay in their own cliques and avoid contact with others. This activity forces ten seconds of total concentration on another person’s soul — “the eyes are the window to the soul.” You may be amazed at the results. Everyone gets the same measure of respect from everyone else for a change. This might lead to an excellent discussion on any number of topics. You could instruct the ten seconds to be spent in prayer for the other person, or have everyone forgive each other for any hurts, etc.

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2 Good 1 Bad 1 Great

Some youth are very excited and talkative and some are quiet. I find that it is easy to pay attention to the more outgoing kids in my group and sometimes the quiet get ignored. The “2 good 1 bad 1 great” concept is to give every teen a chance to share how their day or week has been. It’s real simple and a fun way to have “praise/ testimony” time. Tell them you want to hear how their week has been and they can share 2 good things that has happened followed by one bad thing and end it on a very positive note with one GREAT thing that has happened in the past week. If you have a small group you can let everyone share. If you have a large group let 6 or so share.

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Youth Group Movie Script

Here’s a way to learn more about each other in a fun way.
Announce that Universal Pictures called today and are looking to make a movie about the lives of the youth in your church. But to see if there is any interest, they need some information in advance. Then ask each participant to fill out a card with the following questions about a movie made of their life.

What will the title of this movie be?

Will the movie be a comedy, drama, horror or science fiction movie?

Who will they need to get to play your role?

Who will be cast as your parents? (I let them use personalities that are either living or deceased – since sometimes they think their parents are so old)

What other roles will need to be cast? (family members, friends, etc)

What will be the funniest part of this movie? (has to be a real life event that has happened in their lives)

What will be the saddest part of the movie? (actual event)

What will be the people’s reaction to the movie after they view it? ( how will they go away feeling)

We did this recently and had a great time and learned a lot about each other.

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Google It!

This game is so quick and can be hilarious…

Ok, everybody that has internet access uses the Google search engine. That is the only tool needed…

This game is very funny and easy to prep. It can be played in various ways and involves the most popular web-search tool.

Version #1:

Have contestants give you a word that you enter into Google. Whoever has the highest hit rate wins.

You can go for lowest hit rate, or limit the possible words by asking for words in a particular group, such as color, food…etc.

Version #2:

You enter a word of your choice. Record the number of hits it returned. Make a multiple-choice selection for the contestants to try and guess which word it was.

This is my fav because you can put the multiple choice answers on powerpointand use some pretty funny or disgusting words!!!

Version #3:

Put in 4 or 5 words and record the number of hits for each. Have the students see which group or person can put them in the correct order according to number of hits.

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Yout Group Service Project

Cookout for city sanitation workers. Have you ever noticed those guys who ride around and pick up the trash on your curb? Have you ever thought they may not feel appreciated? In most cities the sanitation workers meet a couple of times a week for lunch in the area they’re working. Call the city and ask where the sanitation workers in your area meet and on what days. Once you have this information, get your group together and plan a cookout for the workers. Make invitations and deliver them a week in advance. Go ahead and ask if they will come. Chances are good they won’t turn down a free meal. When they arrive at the cookout, seat them, serve them, and clean up after them. The only thing they have to do is show up, eat, and be honored.

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Cabin Fever Camp-In

In your church’s main fellowship hall or gymnasium. Have all the young people bring dome tents (the kind that stand without having to be staked into the ground, most new tents are of this sort). They’ll also need all their camping things like sleeping bags, pillows etc. Set it all up in the gym, with a fake campfire in the center, those fake fire logs that plug in, or red cellophane placed amongst a stack of firewood, with a light bulb under it shining through the cellophane.
Have all the usual camping type fun, in a simulated way, we got all the campers to bring flashlights and turned out all the lights and got them to use their flashlights to see if they could find all the little plastic insects that we had scattered around the gym. Having songs and devotionals around the campfire. We cooked on barbecues just outside the doors. We did pearl diving using a kids swimming pool and marbles, that they had to see how many they could grab with their toes.

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The Takeover

This activity is for the BOLD. “The Takeover” is a simulation skit. As we near the FINAL DAYS,on this earth, there’s the threat that one day the UN may decide to stop allowing worship all together! That’s what this simulation is all about! My Youth dressed in full camoflage carried weapons and we took the congregation hostage. We took the preacher hostage, threw the Bible on the ground, also we took all the musicians to a holding cell. Our Senior Youth came in as the leader of this takeover, and gave a speech containing the following statements:there’s to be no more worship of Jesus Christ, no more praises to GOD, the very mention of the name of Jesus will NOT BE TOLERATED! As the congregation tried to continuing to worship, when the name of JESUS was mentioned, sang, or any other form of worship took place, these were arrested and taken to a holding cell. Our holding cells were down in the basement, and after the entire congregation was put in prison, we had a real moving service. Our service contained praises, testimonies (mainly from the congregation), devotions; all based on our priviledes that we have and take for granted.
[Ed. Note: I think this will have to be greatly modified before use, but I think their intentions are in the right place – just be cautious how you use it, you never know who is in your meetings and congregations. I.E. war veterans, refugees, children, etc.]

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Taste of Italy

We just asked each of the kids to “Make Their Own Italian Dish.” They may have a parent help but we really encouraged them to do it themselves. Then everyone brings their dish to youth. I supplied all the other things. I figured that we’d get a bunch of different spaghetti dishes, but these kids got creative! They really seemed to enjoy it so we even did a taste of Mexico Night! Another big hit!

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