Mid and Late Adolescents

Heavy Burden = Heavy Rock

Bible Refrence: Matthew 11:28-30

Gather many large rocks, not too big..but as many as you think you need….for us we didn’t have enough so they had to carry “imaginary rocks”. Youth leaders: tell the group on this walk to be completely silent. Once you get to your destination set them down and have them listen to (?”Lay your burdens down”?) tell them to reflect on one burden in particular. Then after the song ends ask for any volunteers, tell them to talk about their burden and throw it into the creek (if you don’t have a creek or pond near your church, just pitch them into the woods) I hope this helps you get your point across…it really helped me!

NOTE: Once we got down to the creek there were some gravel…those people with imaginary rocks had something to throw.

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Build a Picture

Divide large group into teams of 6-8. Provide a small pile of Jenga Blocks or children’s blocks for each team. The first member of the team comes forward for their first word to build for their team to guess. Use the same list of words for all teams but mix them up especially if they can hear each other guessing. Use word objects like window, snowflake, clock, book, car, etc. and have the builder “build” these objects with the blocks. The builder is not allowed to talk. The team that completes the entire word list first wins! Highschoolers really got into this one.

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(The least amount of people that know about this, the better the outcome will be!)
This game can get pretty intense, so you might need to modify it before playing. It works well with a lot of people. You start out with 14 people on stage, (one of them will be you) or wherever you can see them well. One of them will represent Jesus, and the other 12 will represent the disciples. You will explain this to the audience. You will also explain the great commission as described in Matt. 28:19-20. The 12 disciples will be “saved” by using the ABC method (Admit, Believe, Confess).
That is the easy part, here comes the fun part. You will have Jesus “commission” his disciples to go and tell everyone about him, leading them to him using the same ABC method. So your disciples will actually go into your audience and begin to do this. Also, anyone that is “saved” will also begin to get up and start to share. They will probably start going about it very slowly, taking their time.
What they don’t know is that every 30 sec. to a min. there will be “news” coming in of various tragedies – car accidents, floods, etc.. you can decide. When the “news” comes in (you can either use a screen and video projector, or someone can come in saying “Extra extra…) anyway, with each news story, people in your audience will “die” with or without Christ. This happens by saying something like- “A tornado just swept through ______ and all of you that are wearing a watch just died.” You can change the scenarios up to fit your audience, but more and more people will “die”. Soon, people will figure this out, a sense of urgency will begin to set in. You might even see some people get out of their seats and try to run and find someone to “lead them to Christ”. To keep order, tell your audience that they need to stay in their seats until someone can get to them.
As far as the people that “die” are concerned, anyone that dies w/o Jesus will be sent to an alternate location which will become known as “hell”. You can even decorate this room appropriately and have some costumed “demons” waiting for them to make sure that there is no fun or talking in Hell. For those who died with Christ, you can do the same, only take them to heaven. To end the game, let the “Rapture” occur and bring everyone back into the main room. Then you can explain to them that it is our job to tell people about Jesus. People die every day without him, and we should be using every opportunity to share Jesus with someone.

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A Man Down

Team Building Excercise for leaders or teens.

This activity is designed to help students or leaders appreciate the importance of working as a team.

Synopsis: A student or leader goes and hides while another activity is running. Those participating are told that the person is hurt and requires emergency medical attention (without calling 911!) Teams must treat the person and move them to safety. Discussion afterward focuses on the importance of each team member and their contribution to the team.


Have the students involved in an active game. Choose one from Egad! their are tons of them! While the game is playing send a student or a leader out discretely. After about ten minutes stop the game and say, “Wait some one is missing!”

At that point instructions are given that the “man down” has a spinal injury and must be moved on a solid object back to the meeting room. The group will fan out and then find the missing person. The activity can be timed, with the instruction that the area is filling with poisonous gas. Another twist can be that members of the team going out to get them have also been given injuries and others have to compensate. If you have a larger group send out more injured people that need to be brought back to the room

Discussion Questions:

1. When did you notice that someone was missing?

2. How did you feel when you were looking for the injured person?

3. What has this experience taught you about team work?

4. How can we improve ourselves as a team?

A time to look at scripture concerning the parts of the body would be good to focus on the meaning of the experience.

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“D.U.I.” Awareness

During a fellowship activity, we made an unannounced stop at a local vehicle towing garage. While there we looked over up close and personally the selection of vehicles that had been involved in collisions where the driver had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The owner of the towing service met us there and shared some of the heartfelt stories of the people and how their lives had been impacted by the bad choice of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. We later prayed for those people and the owner. The experience was one that neither the advisors nor the youth will ever forget.

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This is a great indoor/outdoor game. Divide into two equal teams. Divide a play area into two equal courts. Medic works a lot like dodge ball only with a few twists. Each team chooses someone to be their medic. The teams must stay on their own side of the court. Once a player is hit he/she must sit down where they were hit. The Medic then has to rescue that person by pulling them to the back of the court. Once at the back of the court the player is back in the game. The object is to hit the other team’s medic to win.

Details on the rules
1. If a player catches a ball thrown at them, the one who threw the ball must sit.
2. If a ball bounces off a player and is caught before it hits the ground, the one who threw the ball must sit.
3. You may use a ball in hand to block with, but if the ball is knocked loose and hits the ground the player must sit.

* those who are sitting CANNOT throw or catch for their team until the medic has rescued them.

*use Nerf balls or you will need an actual medic present.
Have Fun!

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Walk In The Darkness

Before your group leaves on their journey have each member of the youth group take a taper candle. They must have their candle with them at all times.

The youth will then be taken to a large wooded area at night. The adults will split the youth into groups of two. (It is best if you do not allow close friends to be partners.) You should tell the youth that, “Someone is in the darkness waiting for you, you will know when you get there.”

There is absolutely no running, talking, or lights of any kind permitted. They may not meet up with another group. If they do bump into another group, one group must wait until they can no longer hear the other group walking before proceeding.

The groups of two are allowed to enter the woods in intervals of two minutes. Adults will also enter the woods and try to get the teams to follow them. The adults are there to tempt the groups to find the easy path. The adults will have flashlights, and they will lead the groups back to the beginning of their journey.

One man in a white robe with a bible and one candle will be waiting, secluded in the woods to meet the groups as they find him.

He must be well secluded and the more obstacles you can put in their way the better. They must go off the path to find their reward. Fallen trees, shallow ravines, tall grass, all things are frightening in the dark.

As the groups find “Jesus” he will light their candles upon arrival and they will wait in silence for the others.

As the group grows larger so will its light and others will soon see where they must go.

After all the groups have arrived Bible passages will be read attesting to the darkness we must endure, and the paths we must find on our own. Everyone will leave in silence. Once you return to your camp fire, or church everyone can reflect on what their journey in the darkness meant to them.

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Demolition Kick Ball

Just like kick ball but with a twist. You will need a deck of cards to play. Use all the ace’s, two’s, and three’s from a deck of cards. As a player gets up to kick have them pick a card. If they pick an ace they run to first base and round the bases as usual. If they pick a two they run to second base first then third and home. If they pick a three they run to third first then second, first and home. The demolition aspect of this game comes into play when the teammates end up running in two different directions to get to home. ie. third to second second to third first to second second to first… My group had great fun with this game and I hope yours will too!

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Scrabble Shuffle and Spell

Hand out a single Scrabble letter from the board game to everyone playing. Make sure there are plenty of vowels included. Give an allotted time for everyone to intermingle and spell as many (3+ Letter)words as possible. Everyone carries a paper and pencil to write down their words. The person with the most “real” words in the end is the winner!

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Mystery Road Trip

We have devised a fun outreach event called Mystery Road Trip. Here you plan a road trip, but every aspect of the trip is unexpected, silly, and a complete mystery for your youth. Since I have a rural background, I take my city kids to rural places and have them do rural tasks. They seem to really enjoy it. The travel time is a good way for the kids to connect with you and each other. It is also an easy event to invite unchurched kids to.

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