Mid and Late Adolescents

Elements of Love

I hope that I am not wasting your time but this worked really well with our small youth group of about 15 to 20. We read through I Cor. 13 (the love chapter) then we split them into groups of 3 or 4. I passed out grocery bags full of the weirdest stuff that I could find at Goodwill or around my house. Then gave them a piece of paper that had one of the elements of love in that chapter (ex. love is kind) each group had to take the time allowed and make a skit that used all of the props and that told a story of their phrase. Afterwards we made each group explain why they showed love and why they chose it. It was a big hit, we had a lot of fun and it really made them work together, which showed love and have fun too. This could work for other subjects to.

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Reverse Trick Or Treat

This is a fun way to spend Halloween and spread the Gospel. Our teens prepared “reverse trick or treat” bags that contained candy, a tract, and an invitation to their youth activities. They then went to neighborhood houses as a group and gave the goodies away. The reactions varied from people being initially intimidated by the group of teens to surprise. We then went back to the church and talked about the reactions they received.

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Shopping Cart Scavenger Hunt

Send your kids on the most unforgettable shopping trip they’ve ever been on. And help the needy in your area at the same time. Contact a local food bank ahead of time to learn what items it needs most. Then make a “grocery list” of 15 to 20 of the items. Get permission to borrow shopping carts from a local grocery store. Form teams of no more than four. Give each team a shopping cart and a grocery list. Have teams go door-to-door in search of the items on the list. Award a pizza to the first team to return with its shopping completed. When everyone is back. have a discussion about giving. Use Deut 15:7-10; Prov 25:21; Matt 10:42; 22:34-40; Acts 2-:35; Romans 12:6-13; and 2 Cor 9:6-9 as discussion starters. Then go together to take the food kids collected to the local food bank.

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Jogging Fellowship

Good for some fellowship outside of the church. Find guys who are interested in keeping in shape (particularly jogging) and start out by running to one boy’s house, and having him run with you. Then run together to other houses till you have reached all of the participants’ homes. 5-8 guys should be enough. While running together, great conversations can develop. Then you gradually run each other home (you can stop for refreshments as you go if you like). The first who is dropped off, is the one who was picked up first, The last one to go home is the one who joined the group last.

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Christmas Card Delivery

Encourage church members to drop off cards for other church members at the church building. For a nickel or dime per card, sort the cards and deliver them to staff members’ mail slots, church members’ after Sunday services or by car to shut-ins. Set up a table in your church foyer for church members to drop off more cards or stop by to pick up any mail. Advertise this activity in November and encourage church members to mail their cards early. Charge an extra nickel for each card “mailed” after December 20th. *** I think it might be a good idea to offer Christmas cards to be purchased at the table as well to help make extra money.

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Variation Of A Movie

Our youth group liked the story of Ruth and Boas so much that we wanted to make a play out of it. We chose a “Grease” like theme and altered thing to fit into the ’70. We make this a fundraiser by making it a ’70’s dinner and “movie”. The whole “movie was filmed in advanced by scene and was complete with reconstructed Grease songs written to fit the story of Ruth and Boas. You can do this with any Bible story and add a modern theme to it.

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Window Washing

About four weeks before your work date, schedule appointments to wash church members’ windows. Charge about $2 per window. For safety, have the kids wash only first floor windows. Form groups of four. Have each group provide 2 buckets, a large sponge, a squeegee, a small ladder, a small bottle of dish-washing liquid and rags. Divide your appointments into work assignments. Each group can do six to eight houses in one day. Have kids wipe windows with slightly soapy water, rinse with clear water and squeegee the water off.

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Chair-Link Game

Everyone sits in a circle of chairs, with tne empty chair somewhere in the circle. When the music starts, the two people on either side of the empty chair link arms, run to someone else in the circle, grab their hand, and run them back to sit in the empty chair. Then, the people sitting on either side of the new empty chair must link arms, run and grab someone else. When the music stops, whoever is not sitting in a chair (because they are up running to get someone else or they are running back to their seats) has to do a “stunt” of choice by the person who is running the game. “Stunts” we have used are: playing a game of leap frog across the circle, gargling a tune with a glass of water, singing a song to someone in the circle, etc. They can be simple or crazy, depending on your group. This game is very popular with our kids, who will play it for a half an hour and longer.

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“D.U.I.” Awareness

During a fellowship activity, we made an unannounced stop at a local vehicle towing garage. While there we looked over up close and personally the selection of vehicles that had been involved in collisions where the driver had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The owner of the towing service met us there and shared some of the heartfelt stories of the people and how their lives had been impacted by the bad choice of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. We later prayed for those people and the owner. The experience was one that neither the advisors nor the youth will ever forget.

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Lost Opportunity

If you are a youth pastor, you understand how frustrating it is to see your youth talking, passing notes, etc. during worship, and/or sermons. I began to pray about how I could address this issue without pointing anyone out, but still get the message across crystal clear. God heard my prayer and the Holy Spirit led me to do the following:
You will need seven youth (four boys three girls), and two assistants to help you. Line seven chairs in a row in the front of your class (these will serve as “pews”) and either ask for seven volunteers or choose them yourself (you can choose a couple of your “chatters” if you’d like). Scatter the girls out between the boys, don’t let the girls sit next to each other, and make sure one of the girls sits on the very end of one side of the row. Have one assistant stand about 10 feet in front of them and say “this is the preacher, it is Sunday morning (or whenever you have the most problems) and he his delivering the message.” Have your second assistant pose as the Holy Spirit, and introduce him/her as such. You are the devil.
Stand behind one of your male students sitting on the furthermost end from where you sat the girl in the very last chair on the opposite side. Tell your assistant who is posing as the Holy Spirit to go from one student to another whispering in their ear “you need Jesus” continually. But he/she is to skip the boy that you are standing behind. As the “Holy Spirit” continually goes from one to another in this manner, you get down in the boys ear and say, where everyone can hear, “Boy! Look at that girl down there on the end of the row, man is she something or what!” The class will get a laugh out of that. Keep at the boy to look down at the girl (who is trying to hear the sermon that your preacher assistant is preaching, have him/her act like they are preaching, just in a mute mode). Then say, “I wonder if she’d go out with you!” From out of nowhere hand him a piece of paper and a pen and say, “let’s write her a note and see what she says.” By this time the class is loving it. Make it funny by telling the boy what to write such as, “Do you like me, yes or no.” Have him past the note down the row to the girl on the end. Just as the girl begins to read the note have your “preacher” blurt out and say, “If you need Jesus in your life he’s here today to set you free, come forward now to receive him as your Lord and Savior”. By this time you’re hovering over the girl saying “Check one, check one! Yes or no!” When she checks one have her send it back down the row to the boy, and end the skit. Now on a serious note, tell the kids the rest of the story. Tell them that the young lady on the end didn’t hear the call to salvation because she was distracted. So she leaves the meeting, and two or three miles down the road is involved in a serious car accident, and is killed.
She experienced a lost opportunity because someone was goofing around. This will illustrate to the youth the seriousness of “God’s time” and how if we neglect to listen (and cause others not to listen), then someone will have a lost opportunity to receive a blessing.

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