Anchored in Christ

Teach that only Christ is suitable for us to put our faith in

Items needed
a chair or stool
a bed sheet
string cut into four or five foot sections one for each student
index cards

Tie several pieces of string to the chair and the rest to the index cards. On the index cards write some things that people tend to put their faith in (money power it’s also a good idea to put your own name). Then label the chair “Christ” place the index cards on the seat and cover with the sheet with the strings leading out.

Have everyone gather around the chair and grab a string. Have everyone pull their string and discuss how all these things let us down but Christ never fails.

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Bearing Your Cross

Make a large cross (we used 6×6 beams) that’s about 5×7 or larger. Have youth try to carry it (or get a rope and drag it) individually, then have others join in. It will show the importance of ‘Bearing Your Cross’ with fellow Christians along the way.

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Carrying Around Sins

Materials needed: A couple of bookbags, and books

Have the youth walk around with an empty bookbag on their back; ask them to add a book for every sin they have committed. (lies, lust, sex, not praying, disobeying parents, not following the Laws of the Lord, etc…) The more books that are added, the harder it is to walk around.

Showing it gets harder and harder as we continue to walk around with our sins burdening us. Just let them go, confess them to God and let Him handle them.

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Permission To Cheat


A senior named Kevin at Texas Tech University was closing in on his graduation. One class, however, brought fear into his heart — LOGIC. He took the course only because it was required, and to his dismay he soon learned there would only be one test during the entire semester — a final exam. The grade on that test would determine the grade in the class. Kevin never skipped class, took copious notes, and listened to the professor’s every word. Nevertheless, as the day for the final approached, his fears grew. Finally, on the day before the final, the professor stated clearly, “Tomorrow you may bring with you one sheet of paper. You may put anything on that paper that you think will help you on the test. In other words, you have my permission to cheat.” The students scattered and began writing very tiny notes on both sides of the paper, but Kevin went to sleep peacefully. The following day, as students filed in to take the test, they began comparing what each of them had written on their cheat sheets. To their amazement, however, Kevin had written nothing. When the bell sounded, the tests were passed out, and the professor told them to begin, Kevin placed his piece of paper quietly on the floor. The door to the classroom opened, and the professor’s grader, a Ph.D. student, walked in and Kevin had him stand on his paper. Since the Ph.D. student was “on the paper,” he provided Kevin with all of the answers to the test.

No matter how hard you work and how much you try, you will never do enough to get into heaven. Many people spend much of their life making a list of things that they think will get them in to heaven. But all we really need to do is put our petty little lists down on the floor, because then we can ask Jesus to stand by our side and give us everything we need to pass the test of life and enter safely into heaven without fear of failing.

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Letting Go

I was teaching my class about how we sometimes have our lives so full of trash or other things that we can’t receive what God has for us, and that what God has is so much better. I brought in some spaghetti sticks (you could use dry beans or something like that) let all the kids taste a spaghetti stick or a bean. Then have them fill their hands with the sticks or beans. Show them a bag of M&M’s or other candy and tell them to try to get some out of the bag without dropping the sticks or beans. You can even stick an M&M in their mouth and tell them, “Isn’t that much better than what you have? This is what God has for you.” Then they will see they have to put down the things that they have and be more ready and capable of taking the good that God has!

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Building Relationship w/Christ

Easy to do, Easy to understand and most of all – impacting to youth.

Once Christ is in our lives, he’s there, but are we using him? Recently when talking with my youth on this subject, I took a 5 foot long clear plastic tube (About 1/2 Diameter).

Put water in it to about half full. I explained to the kids that many things are in are lives and no matter how we move the pieces around, we still have everything in us to deal with. I moved the ends of the tube up and down and showed that the water stays level on both ends (You might want to blow the water out on the kids once or twice… catches their attention).

I then said… lets add Christ into the mix… I added 6 drops of Food Coloring to one end (Red is a good effect color, but blue is more dramatic). I then read some verses, and talked about that when Christ comes in our lives we start a relationship. The kids keep noticing the blue SLOWLY moving through the tube. I then said, lets talk with God… and I started moving the tube ends up and down stirring the water… of course the dye, begins to mix. One side is still clear however.

For my demo, I let it sit like that and did nothing until the next week. Then showed the kids that it had mixed completely… this is what happens. What we need to do is be more interactive with Christ and mix it up quicker.

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Follow Jesus

This activity illustrates the need to follow and listen to Jesus when peer and worldly influences abound.

One student is needed to volunteer as the “Christian youth.” Another is needed to serve as the “voice of Jesus.” All others are employed as “bad influencers.”

The Christian youth is blindfolded and seated. The “voice of Jesus” volunteer is instructed to spend a little time talking to the “Christian youth” so that he/she learns his/her voice. John 10:1-5 “…the sheep hear his voice…”

A simple maze of chairs is created that leads to a desk or table with a blessing (candy, prize, etc.). Put a couple of left and right turns in your maze, but not cluttered. Walkways through maze should be at least two folding chairs wide.

Once the maze is complete. The Christian is asked to stand. Explain that his/her goal is to reach the “blessing” by following the instructions/commands of the “voice of Jesus”. The job of the “bad influencers” is to give bad instructions.

Explain that everyone must stay at least 3 to 6 feet from the blind youth. No touching or obstructing allowed.

Have the blind Christian stand. Give a few turns and see if he or she can get to the blessing by following the “voice of Jesus”, while ignoring the “bad influencers”

(Note: Walk carefully to avoid injury) A timer can be used for team scoring or to maximize time to reach the prize.

Have had 100% success each time this activity has been used. Some good discussion questions posed to the listener, voice of Jesus, and bad influencers:

1. What was hard about getting to the blessing?
2. What was most frustrating?
3. What did you find easy?
4. What did you like most?

Responses are great for talking about peer pressure, seeing God’s perspective — ready and wanting to bless us if only we would listen to him, emphasizing the prudency of following God’s will who sees and knows all, and on and on…

Proverbs 3:5,6 is a good scripture to use.

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Ephesians 6

I came up with this idea of learning about the armor of God. Draw an outline of a man on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Read from Ephesians 6 about the armor of God, and after explaining each one (i.e., belt of truth), have the teens come to the board and draw what they think the belt should look like on the man. In the end, you’re going to have this funky guy wearing the armor of God that the teens drew up on the board. After they draw each one, ask them a question such as, “What is truth, and what does it mean to have truth?” Continue all the way through the verse, asking them about salvation, righteousness, faith, etc. I also drew a figure of the devil right next to the guy when the verse explained fiery arrows from the devil, and how the shield of faith protects them from the arrows.

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Putting On Old Shoes

Take and old pair of shoes and tape them to the entrance door before your youth service begins. This will get the curiousity of the teens up. Use this to illustrate how we go to youth service or youth conventions and God changes out lives… He gives us new shoes. Unfortunately, our old shoes (old habits, friends etc.) are right outside the door waiting for us. Instead of keeping on the new shoes that God gave us (keeping the change he made in our lives) we grab the old ones when we walk out the door! Let’s talk about the importance of wearing our new shoes and where they can take us in our community and the world.

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Sin Has A Price

This illustrates how sometimes we think we can get away with sin.
Start by purchasing the gag chewing gum that shocks anyone who tries to pull the false stick of gum out of the package. You can find this gag at most novelty shops or even at a convenience store. Then purchase several packs of actual chewing gum that has packaging that resembles your gag gum.

The “set up” is to offer gum to about ten or so kids in the front of your class, you tell them the catch is if they choose to take your gum they must take every piece you offer them. Pass out as many pieces of gum as you like as you explain the allure of sin. You can use the deception of Eve in the garden of Eden as your text.

During your lesson secretly switch to the gag gum and offer it to one of the kids who accepted the terms of the catch. He/She will be shocked! Then offer the gag gum to the others who will most likely refuse to accept. Remind them of the agreement they made to take every piece if they took the first piece. At this point say the gum symbolizes sin in our life and sin always has a price. Point out all have sinned, but we don’t have to pay the price because Christ payed it for us. End the lesson with whatever is appropriate i.e. invitation, prayer or discussion.

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