Good Things

Meter Ministry

Purchase a roll of quarters and head down to the downtown, business district. Walk through the parking lots and streets and when you see a meter expired or about to, pop in a quarter. Then leave a simple not on the windshield (something like “A little more time compliments of “your church name”).

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Kindness Day

Every Friday this summer the Youth and some adults meet for Act of Kindness Day at Church. The kids come up with the ideas! We’ve visited Nursing Homes, had a Free car wash, go to a grocery store and take peoples groceries to their car for them, bake cookies and delivered them to low income neighborhoods, lots of other things for the elderly. During each event we pass out tracts or pass along witness cards. The kids have a great time! And so do the recipients!

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Movie In A Bag

This is a good idea for a reward, raffel, prize or care package. Fill a gift bag with some bags of microwave popcorn, a couple of candybars or movie type candies, some soda and a gift certificate to a local movie rental store.

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A friendly gesture for some you care about!

You go and buy lots of candy canes. Buy all different sizes and colors or go traditional red-white stripes. Put some on toothpicks that you taped on them. These will be canes that you stick in that special person’s yard. You can do as many of these as you like.(If ground is hard , use bobby pins or other harder material) Make a sign for the yard that you are trying to cane. It’s a great uplift for the pastor or youth minister. Since the canes are shaped like a shepherd’s hook ,your sign could say something like… Thanks for being the Best Shepherd …signed Your Sheep.(or any other witty thing you can come up with.) After placing all the things that get stuck in the ground ,next toss out alot of small candy canes all over the lawn. When you are done the yard should look like a red-white striped sea! Have fun planning and doing this one with your youth group. Oh and one more thing since you will be doing this at night. Let the local law enforcement know what you are going to do so that if someone calls the police, the police have already been let in on the harmless fun. Now go cane someone!

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Windshield Witness

Choose a date ahead of time and have the youth bring squeegees, window cleaner, and paper towels. When the congregation is in a Sunday service, have the youth go through the parking lot and wash everyone’s windshield (make sure they don’t leave streaks). Have a “business card” prepared ahead of time that says, “Compliments of (your youth group’s name).

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Tailgate Party

Each home football game an adult group from the church sponsors a tailgate party starting one hour before the football game. Generally it consists of something like chili or pizza, a drink, and cookies. A small note is given to all that come inviting them to church and gives our church address and phone number. Anyone can stop by whether they are a member or prospective member.

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Car Wash Labor of Love

buckets, soap, rags, hose

As a treat for Labor Day, our children’s church washed all of the cars in our church parking lot while they were attending service. We left a note on each car saying thank you for their service. Everyone was surprised and extremely happy.

[Ed. Note: Some people are protective of their cars and their paint jobs. If you do decide to use this idea, be especially careful and make sure the kids are well supervised.]

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Lifesavers for a Lifesaver

We did this for our pastor. We got lots of lifesavers (vests, rings, etc.) and spread them all over our pastors yard. We then placed signs in the yard with uplifting messages. We made a big sign that said… thanks for being our lifesaver.

You can spread the lifesavers in a big circle formation like a lifesaver or just fling them everywhere. Our kids loved doing it and the uplift it gave our pastor was well worth it. It can be done to uplift anyone. Have fun doing this with your youth. Just let the local police know so no one gets arrested while you’re decorating!

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Beverage Blessing

Have a youth leader or youth group member(s) go and buy packages of pop in a can. Then fill up a big cooler with ice and put the cans in there. Take the cooler to a park, or fair or just stand on a street corner and hand them out to people on a hot day. If they ask you why you can tell them it is just a practical way to share God’s love. You get tons of different reactions.

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Table Clearing

At a recent Sonlife conference, I encouraged our youth to find someone that was finished with their meal and was just about to take their tray into the long line in the cafeteria and offer to take it for them. We received many compliments, smiles and “thanks”. Towards the end of the conference we noticed other groups doing the same thing!

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