Food for Auctions!

I come from a small church, and we maybe have 8-10 youth in our core youth group. This is a great fundraiser for smaller youth groups. It tends to work better with pre-teens and teenagers.

We have a gentleman in our church who is a local auctioneer. Each year, he allows our youth group to sell the concessions during some of the auctions. Ask around; chances are there are auctions locally that need your help selling concessions. A lot of the auctions we’ve done are all-day events beginning early in the morning and lasting into the evening. A couple hundred people usually attend each auction.

We are set up prior to the auction selling coffee and donuts. Shortly after, we begin selling hot dogs, chili dogs, chips, cookies, other baked goods, and drinks (water goes well, especially during hot days!) Some local businesses will even donate items if it’s for a good cause. We ask ladies of the church to donate donuts, baked goods, cookies, and chili sauce. We also hand out tracks and invitations to church with their purchase of food.

Each person is assigned tasks during the auction: one person mans the George Foreman grill and grills hot dogs, one person prepares the chili dogs, one person is the cashier and keeps track of the money, one person is in charge of drinks, and one person hands out tracks/invitations. It’s a great time to fellowship together and invite others to our church. We spend about $300 for supplies prior to the auction, but we make anywhere between $900-$1,600 selling concessions!

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Chili Cookoff

Get an appropriate number of volunteers to make appropriate size batches of chili. Number the pots of chili and serve \”samples\” (2oz. cups are great) with the corresponding chili pot number on the sample cup.

After the samples are eaten allow everyone to go through the line and get a bowl of the chili they liked best. Have a donation plate in front of each pot of chili and people vote with their donations – the chili whose plate has the most money in it is the winner. You hope for a couple of families to try and \”buy\” the chili champ title and watch the money roll in.

This is a lot of fun!

Caution: Please inform any serious / sensitive cooks that the best chili doesn\’t always win – it\’s a fundraiser!

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50’s & 60’s Bash

Decorate meeting hall to look like “Arnold’s” from “Happy Days”. Have you youth group dress up like car hops to serve. Make a short menu. Most items can be donated by teens or by local businesses. Play 50’s and 60’s music (check the words before you play them). Have contests like bubble blowing, hoola hoop, limbo, or what ever you can think of. Costume contests work well also. If you have access to a vintage car and a camera you can make a few $$ by selling pictures also. We charge a $0.50 door charge also and award prizes for all the games that we do.
The more you promote it the better $$$ you can make. I’ve done this in very small churches and made a few hundred $$$. Making malts and floats in the malt shoppe is the best part. The older folks like to remember when and the younger ones like to try to immitate the age. It’s alot of fun and a good way to raise $$$. (Another cool thing to do is to have a live band or a juke box!)

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Kiss The Fish

Create a wooden or cardboard replica of a fish. Choose good-natured candidates to run in an election to see who will end up kissing a real fish. Your pastor and youth group sponsors would be good choices. Place a jar beside the fish for each candidate. Have church members “vote” for their candidate by placing money in the appropriate jar. Allow people to vote for four weeks prior to the election, and encourage the pastor to announce each week who is in the lead. *** Could be adapted to “Kiss the Squid” or whatever else you can come up with.

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Stock Certificates

This fundraiser is simple and work free. It is also great for mission trips or retreats. Create the “Stock Certificates” to put in your church’s Sunday bulletin. Start by stating why you are fundraising (for those clueless or whatever). The certificates also should include something like “Thank you for taking stock in our youth. As a stock holder, you are entitled to a personal letter from one of our youth.” Also include a place to put the stock holder’s address. Then give instructions to give to a certain person or to put it in your church’s offering with donated money. Remember that it is a good idea to accept any amount of donation instead of one set amount. Then while on the trip, have a youth write a letter to the stock holder thanking them for sponsoring them and telling them a little bit about the trip. The stock holders especially love getting mail!!

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We needed to raise money for a trip we were going to take, so we decided to do a raffle.
We bought a stereo 3 cd changer/2 cassette player for $99.99. Sold the raffle tickets at $5.00 each and decided that the 3rd ticket out of the bowl would be the lucky one. The first two tickets that were taken out, were given a consolation prize which was their $5.00 dollars back.
It was a good fundraiser we made $180.00 dollars in profits(you might want to sell the tickets for a little more).

[Ed. Note: Better yet, visit local businesses and see what you can get donated… 100% profit is always a good thing. :)]

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Youth Talents Auction

All you have to have is a youth group willing to do odd jobs for the people donating to the auction. Our youth group held an auction that raised quite a bit of money. The kids agreed to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.They would go to the person’s house on a Saturday and do jobs that the person wanted them to do, like cleaning windows and garages ,raking leaves etc. It is a way to raise money and help the congragation out at the same time. We did very well and had a lot of fun.

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Door-To-Door Car Wash

A lot of times people want to have their car washed, but they don’t want to do it themselves or drive anywhere to have it done. so, instead, they can have the car wash come to them!

Split your large group into mini-groups of about 5 kids to 1 adult. Be prepared to wash any car with supplies like soap, sponges, water bucket, hose, etc. the only thing you’ll need is water, which is where the hose comes in. Just hook up your hose to their water and you’re ready! Make sure you ask first.

Go to a local neighborhood and go door-to-door asking if people would like their car washed for a donation. Then, as you’re washing your car, take the opportunity to explain why you’re fundraising and how far you need to go. You can also take the chance to witness!!

This is a great fundraiser which brings youth together! You could also easily have a race with it: team vs. team (see who can wash the most cars or raise the most money!) Good luck fundraising!

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Quick Firewood Fundraiser

For free, our local lumbermill gave us a couple of truckloads of their dry off cuts from the lumber. It makes great kindling. We worked with the men’s group with this idea, but it did take some work. Set a time to get orders in, we charged $15.00 a trailer load. Get the wood delivered or if you can collect from the mill even better, then have the youth help load and unload with the adults. Treat the kids afterwards but keep an eye on things sometimes the orders can get out of hand.

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Apple Picking

This is a fun activity that also raises money for the youth group. We have a very small youth group, so I don’t know how well it would work for larger groups.

Three weeks before we go apple-picking, we pre-sell the 5-pound bags of the types of apples we know will be available. Then, on a Saturday, we drive to the You-Pick Farm and pick apples. We buy them in 20 pound bags and also get a 10% discount for being a youth group, and then go back to the church and repack and label everyone’s order in 5 pound bags. All the old ladies of the church love the oppurtunity to have fresh apples for pies!

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