Early and Mid Adolescents

Drive-In Movie

Provide your youth group with large cardboard boxes collected from grocery & appliance stores. Then they construct & decorate their own ‘vehicles’ from these before settling down to watch the video you have chosen for the evening! Prizes can be awarded for best construction or best decorated ‘car’, and it sure makes video night something to remember!

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Goin’ On A Picnic

The leader explains to the group that he is going on a picnic, and any of them can come along with him…provided they bring the something appropriate with them. The leader starts by saying his name and one thing he will bring…for example, my name is Tim and I’m bringing some tea to the picnic. Each person playing the game must then do the same thing, and the leader will tell him or her whether or not he or she can come. The trick is, a person can only come if the thing they are bringing begins with the same first letter as their name. Go around the circle until everyone has figured it out.

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Hold Your Breath Relay

Have group split into two teams. Designate a start and finish line. Give each team member a drinking straw and each team a single three inch square of tissue paper. The first person puts the paper on the end of the straw and keeps it in place by inhaling. No hands touch the tissue paper after that. Each team member runs to the line and back and must pass it to the next player. If the paper falls off, the person who drops it needs to pick it up again using only the straw and their breath. First team to get everyone over the line and back wins.

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Honey If You Love Me

The group sits in a circle facing inward. One member of the group is “it.” The objective is for this person to make another smile. He goes around the circle, picks a person, kneels, and asks him/her, “Honey, if you love me, won’t you please, please smile?” The person must respond with, “Honey, you know I love you, but I just can’t smile,” without smiling. If he/she smiles, that person becomes “it,” replacing the first. If the person “it” does not convince a person to smile, he/she must approach another until he/she does. The person “it” may do any gestures he/she wants to make the person smile (e.g. make funny faces, do a stunt), but cannot touch the person. This is a circular game, meaning it does not end. A good length for this game would be 20 minutes, or when most of the group has been “it.”

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Hug The Potholder

You make a circle with your youth group and place a POT in one of the kid’s laps… (don’t let any one see you do that). Then place a POT HOLDER in the middle of the group. Ask people to try to hug the pot holder with out the use of their arms. No matter what they do, tell them that they didn’t hug the pot holder. They have to hug the person with the pot in their lap before the game is won.
*** Hint: Make the pot as small as possible so that the game goes on for awhile.

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I Can Play The Stick Game

Have everyone sit in a circle. The first person to start the game knows how to play, and the object is to figure out how to correctly play the game. The first person says, “OK, I can play the stick game, can you play the stick game?” This can be said in any manner, and for effect the stick should be moved about randomly to throw people off. Then, the person hands the stick to the next person in the circle to see if she/he knows how to play the game. The next person must attempt to play the stick game correctly by doing exactly what the previous person did. The trick? You must say, “OK,” before you say “I can play the stick game, can you play the stick game.” Anyone who does not say, “OK,” has not played the game correctly, and must pass the stick on to the next person. Continue at least once around the circle.

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Link Tag

Everyone splits off into two and finds a space within the play area. They then link arms. The youth leader picks a twosome as volunteers! One member of the twosome is IT and the other runs from IT. This works like a normal game of chasing except that the person who is running can grab the free arm of any person in any other twosome at any point they like. When they do this they become a part of the twosome and the member of the original twosome who was not grabbed must now run from IT and try and link up with another twosome. If IT catches the victim, then the victim becomes IT and IT becomes the victim and must run and link up with another group.

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Mash The Mush

This is a messy fun game with an ultimate surprise at the end! First you mix up a big pot of green mush. Ingredient: 3 boxes of vanilla instant pudding — 3 big jars of apple sauce — and green food color. You get a friend that knows how to keep a secret and video tape one of you mixing up the mush (Make it fun). After you are done mixing it. Get a close up shot of the large bowl or pot being placed on the ground. Then get a close up shot of your partners (clean feet). After at least 8 seconds of taping the feet still, step into the pot of mush and swoosh around. (The person in the pot need not identified, but if it was the Youth Pastor, and you slowly panned up to his smiling face…. this would be great! Rewind your tape and set up a TV ready to go for youth group.
The game is presented to the youth without telling them about or showing them the video. You get your volunteers from the group… as many as 12. Pair them off, and give one of them a bowl of your green mush and blind fold the other. The object of the game is for the blind folded person to shovel the green mush into the mouth of the other person and for them to eat it the fastest. By the way. This green stuff tastes GREAT. So you will get a lot of your students eating it up. In fact encourage it. When all is done and every one is cleaned up, sit them down in front of the TV and show your video. You can guess the reaction you will get from the kids when they see your Youth Pastor jumping in the green mush they just ate. If you are not as cruel to teenagers as I am…(being involved with youth for over 5 years) you can make a separate batch of green mush to give the kids. But you need to take that secret to your grave.

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Musical Squirt Gun

Can be played with a group ranging from 6 – 30 (can also be played outdoors). Group sits in a circle on chairs or on the floor. A loaded squirt gun is passed around the circle until the music stops or the leader says “Stop!” The person who is holding the squirt gun at the time must leave the game, but before he leaves, he can squirt the person on the left twice or the person on the right twice or each person once. The chair is removed, the circle moves in and the game continues. Last person remaining is the winner. The gun must be passed with 2 hands and received with 2 hands. It is best to have another loaded gun standing by for when the 1st runs out. Emphasize only 2 squirts!!!

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On The Wall Charades

Before the game create a list of one or two syllable words. Clear a large space on the wall and form 2 teams. Have each team choose a representative to start the game. Explain to kids that you’ll show their selected team members a word that they must convey to their team. Tell the kids that they must convey the word in only one way: by using their heads as imaginary pencils to spell the words on the wall. Play several rounds so each team member gets a turn at writing on the wall. The team that’s able to guess the correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins.

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