Bible Study & Prayer

Count Your Blessings

A fun activity to remind us that we all have something for which we can be thankful to God!

1. A blank sheet of paper and something to write with for each person.
2. A timer

1. On your signal to begin, everyone should write down everything they are thankful for that can be described in two words or less.
2. Set a timer, for two minutes (or less) and tell them to begin.
3. When the timer goes off each youth must count how many items they have.
4. The person with the most items should read their list and if anyone else has those items on their list also, then everyone who has the items must cross them off the list. Only unique items remain.
5. The next person continues in the same way, calling out the items that remain on his/ her list. If the item is unique it remains. If someone else has the same item than all who have it cross the item off their lists.
6. Continue until everyone has gone, then each person must count up the unique items he or she has on the list.
7. Award a prize for the person with the highest number of unique answers.

1. What was the most surprising thing that someone was thankful for?
2. How did creating your list affect you?
3. Did you have more or less items than you thought you would have?
4. How did it make you feel when you discovered that others felt blessed for the same things as you?
5. Of all the things on your list, which is most significant for you?

Colossians 3:17

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Cassette Tape Games

Everybody has a bunch of old cassette tapes from when you would record services on tape rather than CD. We took some of the 90 minutes sized ones and had 3 games.

First, we split up into teams and raced to see who could empty theirs the fastest by pulling out all the tape. It must be in one piece to win.

Next, with all the tape lying in the floor, we challenged kids to use cassette tape to pull a truck. Each group had ideas that worked but one way is best. If you take all the tape from a 90 minute cassette, cut into 6 ft lengths, braid and twist together, you will be able to pull a truck on level ground. Wrap and twist 3 strands, then take 3 twisted strands and wrap and twist them. Then take all those twisted wrapped strands and twist and braid them together. Loop the rope over a ball hitch and pull. “Make sure someone is in the drivers seat to put on the brakes in case someone falls or to keep the truck from crashing!”

Third, take a long unbroken tape and have kids make art sculpture on the wall with scotch tape… like connect the dots or make a cityscape.

Last you can teach on a number of different biblical themes. I taught on being surprised in seeing God move in our life in unexpected ways, the same as we were to imagine a thin cassette tape pulling a truck.

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Flying Security Guards

Have a music night. Select 5 different secular artists/groups. Place one artist/group per room. Give the youth autograph books. Tell them they need to get every artist/groups autograph. Get your Sr. High group involved, have them play the artists/groups (Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc) The security guards take the autographs from the youth. In order to win they must have all the autographs, which will be impossible, because you will take one or more away from them as they run from room to room. Build your devotional around what is good music, and have them come up with the criteria, but you may have to guide them. Then play a song from each of the artists/groups you had present, and discuss if it fits the criteria you have listed. You can make this as big an event as you want, we used two youth group meetings for this topic. Get your actors to really play the roles of the artists well, etc. Expand and mold this to your group. Its a great way of discussing this all important area of the life of a youth.

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Lose Your Marbles

– First go to a toy store and buy a sack of marbles and a fish bowl. The amount of marbles depends entirly on the size of your youth group.
– Next, contact a glass company and ask them to build you a large plexi-glass box (this step can be disregarded if you don’t have the funds to get a box built.)
– Next prepare a sermon focusing on ‘things’ in the youth’s lives that are not sin outright, but are things keeping them from Jesus. These ‘things’ can be anything… I focused on secular music, video games, attitudes, rebellion, etc.

At the end of the sermon, I passed out one marble to every person, put on worship music, and had everybody examine their lives. I instructed them that that marble represents something or someone in their lives that in comming between them and the Lord. After a serious prayer time, I passed around the fishbowl and instructed them to drop their sin in the bowl and leave it there. One by one the sound of the glass marble hitting the glass bowl went through the silent room.

Next, I instructed them to bring all their junk from home and put it into the “Junk Box.” I am pleased to report that the box is filling with secular music, N-Sync posters, and handwritten notes confessing attitudes. The end result has been overwhelming and the Lord has begun a mighty revival in our youth. Parents are coming into the youth to get their kids, who are worshiping (go figure), because they don’t want to leave God’s presense. That’s it… God bless

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Prayer Chain and Praise Basket

In teaching the Youth about Prayer, we created a “prayer chain” using boxes of the jumbo paper clips linked together. We have an 8 foot cross that is stored in the Youth room for Easter, so I utilized that, and the teens draped the chain around the cross. I then asked then to take index cards and write their prayer requests on the cards, and put the cards on the chain. At the end of our lesson, our small youth group of 12 had almost 100 prayer requests draped on the cross. Next to the cross I placed a basket. We call this our Praise Basket. As the kids see their prayers answered, the write the answer on the back and place it in the Praise Basket. Each Wednesday night they can’t wait to look at the prayer requests and watch them move to the Praise Basket. The most exciting aspect of this lesson was to watch the teens realize they indeed have many things to pray for.

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Making a Difference (Children)

This quarter in Kid’s Church we have 13 weeks to study the Twelve Disciples…Each biography of our Disciples is put into a book for the children along with Disciple songs like “Fishers of Men” “The Disciple song-He has called us too”,etc,printed out so they will have a treasure to keep after the studies are over. Their own biography and photo included. The 13th week we always have a party…this quarter we are having an upper room party (thanks to ideas from your site). It will include singing the twelve disciples song “He has called us too” while lighting tea candles that surround a large white candle in the center of the circling little candles. We also plan to play the TrainWreck2 game because we have been talking about how we have a lot of things in common.
Also Jesus uses us (just the way we are, as He used His Disciples) to share the Good news with others.Two large tables for the kid’s to sit at while they share rice krispies treats and punch. And a Pentecost Skit to watch, filmed by home camera. The format is like a reporter in Jerusalem interviewing people in the street, Peter explaining what is happening, and mockers. There is an anchorwoman and reporters telling the world that the whole city is turned upside down with the baptism of the Holy Spirit sweeping through the lives of the new believers. We also make up invitations for the children to give to their friends to come to the party. It is a lot of work but we have a lot of fun and the children are really getting the Truth out of the lessons God has given us to share.

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Before and After

This is a simple but fun learning game. My youth group is a mixed-age group and I am trying to get them familiar with the books of the Bible. I wrote the name of a Bible book on the board or flip chart and then have the kids take turns telling me what book come before or after the book on the board. They enyoy the competition and learn the order of the bible books. I usually have a treat for the winner.

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Never Ending Alamo

Alamo with a twist!
All you need for this great game is a pretty big room and some gator skin balls (or balls that don’t hurt when you throw them at people!)

You put about five or six balls in the middle of the room. All participants stand around the outside line (if in a gymnasium) or touching the wall if in a regular room. When a leader yells “Alamo” the game begins. Anyone who gets a ball throws it, trying to hit others to get them out. The person who gets hit with a ball is out of the game and must sit down with legs crossed. You must remember the person who gets you out because as soon as that person is out you are back in. If the ball is thrown at a person and they catch the ball then the person who threw the ball is out. One catch though is that if you have a ball you cannot walk with it! The only way you can move with a ball is if you roll the ball on the floor. If a person is caught walking with a ball then they are out and they can not get back in. The only time that this game can be over is if the kids lose interest, or a leader says it’s time to leave.

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First Night

A New Twist for the Watch Night Service

The scripture says that when the Lord returns the earth will be business like usual (I’m paraphrasing of course) Try pausing your January first activities for a silent moment and opening all the doors and windows in the place that you meet. Allow the youth to hear the sounds of partying in the area and let them consider momentarily what it will be like when the Lord returns. Read Matthew 24:38 Have students discuss what they think it would be like if the Lord were to return this night. Have student in the group pray from friends or relatives that do not yet know the Lord.

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Be Slow To Anger

Materials needed:
12-15 nails, hammer, plywood board shaped like a fence (painted white).
Matthew 5:22; Psalms 103:8.
This fence represents our family, friends, or anyone that we have a close relationship with. This fence is a nice fresh painted white picket fence. It is smooth and straight. It is not a perfect fence, as you can see a couple of nails in it. These nails represent different hurts and pains that were inflicted upon it.
How many of you have ever called your brothers or sisters or family or friends hurtful names or hit them or have been mean to them? Well every time you do or say something in anger, this nail must be hammered into the fence.(Line up teens in a single line behind you). Each of you may take a turn to hit a nail in the fence. Look at how ugly this fence is with all those nails in it! It isn’t a pretty sight, is it?
Now every time that you can control your anger and not lash out, you may remove a nail from the fence (remove all nails out of fence). Look at the fence now, it’s full of holes! It looks really bad now, doesn’t it? This is how you and I would look every time someone was mean to us. The scars that are left inside! It doesn’t really matter how many times you say you’re sorry, the wounds are still there. A verbal wound is just as bad, if not worse, than a physical wound!
Remember, your family and friends are like very rare jewels. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. They’ll listen to you, they share words of praise and they always want to open their hearts to you! (Sounds just like Jesus would do also!) So the next time your friends, or family do something that makes you angry, stop and think about this fence with all the holes in it! Think about the nails and how sharp they are as they pierce through this fence! The pain and hurt that you would feel if the nails poked you.

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