Bible Study & Prayer

Sin is Like a Box of Chocolate

First purchase a box of baker’s chocolate. Break it into the smaller pieces and serve it on individual plates of however many you like (recommend no more than 5). Tell the youth whoever finishes the chocolate first wins the prize (candy, cd, ect.). Have them look at it, touch it, and smell it to confirm it is chocolate. Then say GO and watch the fun. Some may quit after the first taste, but there is always someone who wants to win. When the winner is announced, ask each youth that tasted it what it was like. Ask them if they could tell it was any different than regular chocolate. Then proceed to explain how sin can look so good from every angle, but after you get into it, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Then discuss with the group sin through either testimony, sharing, or scripture. The ones that are involved in eating it will remember that topic very well.

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Pizza and Prayer

This serves well for both community in the youth group as well as building them spiritually! They will love it!!
Simply order enough pizza for everybody coming (have them chip in if need be). For the first hour at least, have hang out time and pizza eating! This also includes playing some games. Then for the second half, have one full hour where the group has prayer. To make it effective time, schedule out different kinds of prayer (praying alone, for others, with each other, ect.) so that they can learn different ways to pray, and so time can seem to move along swiftly. Also, keep them informed the whole way, so they know what is going on. Your teenagers will be amazed at how quick, meaningful and fun just one hour of prayer can go!

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Ministering to those in Need

Choose a song (it can be gospel or secular, but make sure it is appropriate for all children to hear) about someone going through a tough time. Music is a wonderful way to begin your study. Have the students listen to the song and imagine the person going through the trial is a friend of theirs. Then have them use their bibles and find scripture appropriate for this person based on their specific situation. Have each child read their chosen scripture and tell why they chose it. This teaches your students to apply scripture to real life situations, how to use their bibles effectively and how to be a witness for the Lord. Each student although listening to the same song will have different scipture. You can even have students choose songs for later classes (Warning: make sure you listen to the songs prior to class. Some of your teens may not always choose the most appropriate songs.) Enjoy.

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I Sit (Variation)

Just like the game I Sit accept that the goal is the get separate the group by gender. Sit you group boy, girl, boy, girl. Play the game as usual accept that the first gender group to have all of their players sitting in succession wins. It involves a great deal of strategy!

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Devil’s Advocate

Here’s something I sprung on the kids when I wanted them to take a serious look at how they live their lives in today’s society. I had them to pretend to be the Devil’s servants. They would each have to come up with what they think the Devil would want in 5 different areas:
1) how people view Jesus
2) how people view Christians
3) how people view the Bible
4) how people view evil
5) how people view goodness
(Of course, the areas you would want to deal with can be anything you think the kids would respond to best.) After that, I have the kids think of strategies to accomplish the Devil’s goals for each area. Let the kids be creative here. Then as a follow-up, do the same activity with God as the focus.

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Treasure Hunt Lesson

This lesson is to encourage pre-teen to teenage kids to find the treasures in the Bible for themselves. It involves the use of concordances, bibles, encyclopedias, and will require the design of a game board that looks like a treasure map.
Start the class off in Matthew 13: 44-45, and discuss how the Kingdom of God is like a treasure, and that we can use the Bible to find treasures that God wants us to have.
For the first activity, we bring a group of encyclopedias into the middle of the room. Break the group into teams of two or three. Give each of the teams an index card with a specific subject on it. i.e. names of different animals, names of different countries, names of different states. (Make sure that you check in the encyclopedias to make sure that the words you are giving them to look up are in there.) Give them a list of questions that they need to find the answers to about the subject that you give them. (If your using a grouping of animals you can ask: “What does your animal like to eat?”, “Where does your animal live?”.) Give the teams 5-10 minutes to look up the answers in the encyclopedias. When the time is up ask the group questions about what they learned that they didn’t know before the activity.
Discuss with the group the purpose of concordances, and how they can be used, like the encyclopedia, to find out where to get information in the Bible about a subject. Have a map designed large enough so that all the kids can see the different places. You can name the places after biblical events, with a treasure chest at the end. Design questions that will make them look up the answers in the concordances. (i.e. How many times is the word “Christian” found in the bible? What scripture(s) talk about loving your enemies? What is the only book in the Bible that does not have the word/name God in it?) Divide the class into reasonably sized teams. Each team gets their own concordance. Read a question, and the first team to have the correct answer gets to move to the next place on the “treasure map” closer to the treasure at the end.
This activity was a huge success in our preteen class. They learned that there was more in the Bible than they knew about, and that they were capable of finding these things if they looked for them.

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Dig It!

Utilizing Luke 8:1-15, illustrate the parable of the sower and the seeds. Start the lesson by giving each youth some real seeds. You may allow 1 or 2 to have a shovel or set of posthole diggers. Lead the group outside and tell about the first spot the sower sowed seeds. Then on a solid pathway (sidewalk, etc.). let a digger attempt to dig a hole and ask 2-3 youth to plant their seeds. Ask youth what will probably happen to the seeds. Explain this as the Bible explains and that the seed represents the Word of God. “The question today is, is your heart like this soil?” Move to a rocky area and repeat the process, then to a weedy area, then to a fertile area still repeating the process of actions. At the end, ask all to bow for prayer and for God to reveal to them the type of soil they really are. Most youth seem to be in the weedy soil, where the worries of this world choke them out. May close in popcorn prayer if desired.

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Draw a Proverb

I am always thinking of ways to get our young people in the Word. One of my desires is to see them empowered to make good decisions in life. While preparing a lesson on wisdom I was looking for a way to get the youth involved with the scriptures.
Our study was in the book of Proverbs and I decided to test their creativity. I had a preselected list of Proverbs and had them take turns drawing things like “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.” I told the rest of the group what chapter the Proverb was in and they had to guess what the person was drawing. If they stood up first and got it right then they got to draw next. It worked well and they really liked it. Now they ask me “are doing the Draw a Proverb tonight?” Some times we do just for fun.

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Is it About Me or God

Read 1 Peter 4:11

Okay Done, Think about it for a minute, Read it again. What did God say to you in that verse?

Here look at one more…

Read Matthew 5:14-16

Okay Done, Think about it for a Minute, Read it again. What did God say to you in that verse?

A question to ponder. What did you do to further the Kingdom of God or should I ask what did you sacrifice for the Kingdom today or week? Not every member of the church has grasped that he or she is a “separate and necessary part” of the church. Many of you feel perfectly comfortable playing no noticeable role in the life of the church, except perhaps, the role of a vegetable, a “spec-tator”!

Youth sold out for Christ are known for doing crazy things – Like good deeds for no reason, you’re kidding right? Or how’s about, Putting other people before themselves, no way. Maybe even being a necessary part of the tribe willing to sacrifice to benefit the church, outrageous. Even talking about a man who lived 2000 plus years ago who came to save the world. Such a life style raises quite a few questions, and usually eyebrows too. What’s the motivation? people wonder. There gotta be a catch, they’ll say. Nobody does things “just because”. But this is exactly what sets Christians apart from all the other religions in the world today.

Does this sound like you? Are you willing to participate to make a difference in Yuma, the foothills, your school, the tribe and even the church? Are you ready to radically serve those around you? Are you ready to be a hundred million watt, no, no. A hundred, million, billion watt light for Christ or are you happy just sitting around unnoticed being that two watt’er in the corner. Hoping no one notices you, you don’t have to stand up or out, hard to tell you from the world. That is the sickness!

The Sickness: The world has a shortage of people who wants to make a difference – especially the “God” kind of difference. Even those “Sold out for Christ” get lazy and lose their focus on things that really matter.

The Cure: What’s the cure for this type of apathy? You’re right, losing yourself on a daily basis in the word of God and training yourself to look to were God is working and the opportunities to serve Him and those around you.

Watch Out!! Use extreme Caution: Most likely you will find, if your heart is in the right place, serving GOD is very addictive. Oh what a rush…..

What can you do? Get with Nathan, he know several ways to support the Community, and the Church.

Remember God takes great delight in a joyful giver. But the world sees it as a “what do I get out of it?” attitude. However if you a truly sold out for Christ, you should be asking “What’s in it for God?”

Which question are you asking?

What’s in it for me?
What’s in it for God?

Read Matthew 6:24-25 & 28-33

Okay Done, Think about it for a minute, Read it again. What did God say to you in that verse?

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Power In The Blood

Materials Needed:
– 5 strips of paper
– pencil(pen will not work) for each person in your small group
– a large bowl
– red Kool Aid

At one of my small group sessions I used this activity to illustrate the divine power of the blood of Jesus, to remind them that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, and that God never changes His plans for us. It was a great way to get them to reflect on their lives and their personal relationships with God and to surrender everything to Him.

I told everyone to examine their lives and write 5 negative things concerning their decisions in the past or areas in their life that they knew weren’t lining up with the word of God – past sins, failures, thoughts, etc. I had them tear up the papers they had written on and put them in the large bowl.

Then we had a time of worship and prayer so everyone was given the opportunity to talk to God and pray about what they wrote down. While this was going on I took the bowl and secretly filled it with the red Kool Aid, which represents the blood of Jesus. When we finished our quiet times with God I brought the bowl back in and by that time the Kool Aid had already begun to erase and wipe away the things they had written down. It was a great way to illustrate that regardless of how bad we feel about things we have done, we have already been cleansed and forgiven by the blood of Jesus. Nothing can separate us from His love!!!

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