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I am not sure where this fits in EGAD, but I have used your site for Sunday School and Youth group ideas for the last few years and am very impressed with the quality of program that can be developed using the ideas on your site.

Finding the Answers.
Instead of just writing the scripture that we are going to study at Sunday School or during our Youth Group meeting on our white board, I have been sending them on a mission to find the word.

Let’s be honest most of us have a ton of construction paper cluttering up our cabinets, if not just grab some at the dollar store. Prior to the lesson each week make some “lost scrolls”. I write each of the scripture that we are going to study and use during the class on a piece of 4×4 construction paper with ripped edges, then roll it up and tie it with twine.

I have found with my Sunday School (5th –12th graders) they come down a little sleepy in the morning. After we greet and eat (we are on the food, faith and fun program), I send them out to find the lost scrolls of awesomeness that I have hidden before they get there. When they come back with the scripture rolls I have them wait to open them until it’s part of the lesson and then whoever finds them reads them.

The Warning
My class size is between 15-20 most weeks so they can make more than a little noise finding the Word. Our class is in the basement of our church and I hide the scrolls only on our floor so we do not interfere with other classes or the church service.

The Objective
I do this not only to wake them up, but also to search for answers not only spiritually but also physically, as their lives become more challenging and full. I have been working with this group for 10 years or so and before they go off to college I am trying to develop and passion for finding answers in the Word.

Wrap up
The dynamics of teen coolness come into play from time to time so you may need to find ways to keep them all looking for the Word:

Roll some candy in with it to show how sweet the Word is.
Put names on the outside of the roll to let them know they have been called by name.
Have someone from the class make and hide them to get them involved
And the list goes on…

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