The idea is to imitate a church service in a country where Christianity is illegal and punishable by death. Have youth come to a “secret meeting place” to have church. Keep lights out and have the group try to remain as quiet as possible from the moment they arrive. Once all the youth has arrived, begin the service with regular prayer, bible teaching, praise, etc., keeping in the minds of the students that they are hiding from the government and worshipping God illegally.
Sometime into the meeting, arrange to be ambushed by men in uniform (preferably military dress). Have them raid the meeting place and arrest everyone. Then have those in uniform threaten and question the group of their activities. Test their reactions. Or modify it to suit the situation.
The goal is to give youth a understanding of what it is like to be persecuted as a Christian in a foreign country. And to test their faith and trust in God. Will they lie to stay alive and be set free? In the heat of the moment, their true colors will shine. It is important to do a debriefing afterwards to go over their responses.

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