Bible Point
The Body of Christ is many parts. Only when the parts come together do they form one body to accomplish one purpose!

Set Up
Before class time write body part names on Post-it Notes ®. You will most likely not know how many kids will show up to class. Therefore, divide the body part names from major to minor, see below, and distribute them accordingly as children arrive to class.

Main Body Parts (For a class of 5-7 kids) Head, neck, torso, arm, arm, leg, leg.

Secondary Body Parts (For 15 or less kids) Ear, ear, nose, mouth, hand, hand, foot, foot.

Tertiary Body Parts (For 16+ kids) Fingers, toes, fingernails, toenails, elbows, kneecaps, knuckles, eyebrows, lips, belly button, hair, freckles, etc.

How To Play: As children arrive distribute the body part names, beginning with the main body parts. If more than seven children arrive, hand out the main and secondary body parts, and if more than fifteen arrive, hand out the main, secondary and tertiary body parts.

Players begin by going up to another player, then saying their name and body part. If the body part is one that is connected to the other player’s body part, they must connect by linking arms, holding hands or clinging to his or her shirt sleeve. If their body parts do not connect, then they pass to another player. For example, if a “nose” meets a “face”, they connect and continue playing as before, staying connected as they go. But if a “nose” meets a “foot” they do not connect. Players continue playing, searching for body parts that are connected to their body part. Play continues like this until the entire body is connected!

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 from a child-friendly Bible.

After the game discussion:
How does this game help to illustrate the message of 1 Corinthians 12:12-27? Is any one part less important than another? How does this relate to different kinds of people within Christ’s body, the church?

Variation of play: Place the main body part names into a bucket. Each team will need their own bucket. Divide players into teams of 5-7 players. At the go teams race to their bucket, grab a body part name and connect to their teammates in the correct order. First team to connect properly wins. A proper connection touch would be head to neck, neck to torso, arms to torso, etc. Not, head to leg or arm to leg.

Players can also race individually to their buckets to grab a body part name, and then race back to their team line. When all players have their body part names, they assemble themselves in proper order.

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