Sort the Shooters

by | All Youth, Bible Study & Prayer

You need to have a basketball goal, ladder or step stool. Have one volunteer stand on the stool where they can put the basketball through the hoop. Line the youth up behind the free throw line, and tell them this is the free throw line and they get 3 shots. They can pass the ball to the person on the stool or shoot it themselves. Most of them will shoot it themselves at first. After they have shot their three shots, send them to another volunteer standing off to the side somewhere. If they made 2 of 3 they stand on the right side of the volunteer, if not, on the left. After all have been sorted have them sit down and read them the scripture about sorting the sheep and goats. The person on the stool represents Jesus and he never misses, all we have to do is give him our heart, soul, burdens, etc. to Jesus and he will handle them for us. We always try to do it ourselves until we fail, then turn it over to God. When the lesson is over, we get all the kids that were on the left another opportunity to make it to heaven.
Also explain to the kids that you didn’t tell them to shoot from the free throw line, they will argue with you. We always try to make things of the world more difficult than they really are. We can walk up and hand the ball to Jesus.

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