Sin-ful Reality

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While I teach 6th grade, this can be used for any age. During Lent, each Sunday School lesson is devoted to the last week of Jesus’ life. On Palm Sunday we look at Mark 15, examining the trumped up charges against Jesus, the torture and crucifixion. To illustrate the price He paid I have them “nail their sins to the cross.” Each student receives a lunch size brown paper bag, marker or pen, and 5 small sheets of paper. They write their name on the bag and list a separate “sin” on each sheet of paper. After folding the sheet, into the bag it goes. They fold the bag in half and each student takes a turn nailing their bag of sins onto a five foot cross, while I read (slowly) what happened during Jesus’ torture and crucifixion, reminding them of the price He paid for their personal sins. Each student receives a nail to carry around for the week reminding them about the class. During the course of the week, I take the cross home, remove the nails, remove “sin” papers throwing them out (without looking at them as I promised the kids) and replacing them with clean sheets of paper. I re-nail the bags to the cross, with PAID IN FULL written in red marker. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection by each student ripping off the bag with their name on it and seeing what happened to their “sin.” We then read and discuss Mark 16. It makes for quite a real reminder for the kids.

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