The “Search for God” can be used as a game, a great message for a youth meeting or a retreat.

Suggestions: It is best to blindfold everyone. If you don’t have blindfolds, students may be asked to close their eyes. However, if they open their eyes, it can ruin the whole activity. You have to select someone within the room to be God. No one should see you appoint this person, or it can be one of your youth leaders. Everyone is ushered out of the room and lead back in one at a time (blindfolded). Once they enter the room they start asking, Are you God? until everyone in the room has found God.

Rules: No one is allowed to talk. The only thing that you are allowed to say throughout the exercise is “Are you God?”. Eyes must be closed or blindfolded. No peeking!


God is somewhere in this room. The object of this exercise is for you to find him/her. Now, no one is allowed to talk or open their eyes. The only thing that you are allowed to say is, “Are you God?” If you find God, God will answer YES! If you do not hear the word Yes, keep searching with eyes closed! Once you find God you may open your eyes but you must stay attached to God because you become part of God also. Once you become part of God, if someone touches you and asks, are you God, you must then say Yes also. The exercise continues until everyone finds God.

This is a great exercise to lead a discussion afterwards:
How did you feel when you were searching for God? (most should be lost, scared, etc.)
Did it seem like it took a long time to find God?
How did you feel once you found God?

It’s interesting to hear how noisy the game plays out until everyone finds God. Once everyone finds God they seem to be at peace.

Hope you enjoy it! I’ve used it with high school retreat groups and at our youth group meetings.

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