Rubber Band Strengths and Weaknesses

by | All Youth, Bible Study & Prayer

Split your youth up into partners of two… Try to pair up two people that may not know each other too well. Then have each one of them take two rubber bands (than need to be thick ones) and a sharpie and write on both rubber bands two to three things that you struggle with. Then place one on your wrist and give the other one to your partner to place on their wrist. This way anytime you struggle with it you just look at the band and pray and it will remind your partner to pray for you as well. Our youth missions team did this over a month ago and we have seen that it makes us stronger as a group and helps us be better Christians. You can also do the same thing by making a rubber band with all the names of the people in a group that may be a small bible study, etc. to also remind you to pray for each other.

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