D.U.T.Y Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an essential tool in the growth and development of any ministry. D.U.T.Y simply stands for “Devoted Undividedly To Youth” It is a prayer ministry that will effective the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well0being of the group. Select 10-12 people who you know are willing to support your young people in prayer. Following the selection of your core prayer warriors/leaders, Assign each of them three focused prayer points (ex. love, kindness, self-control, God’s word, etc.) and a name of one of the kids in your group (depending on how many is in your group) and ask them to devote themselves in praying these various prayer points into their lives. It is a great way to cover your youth group in prayer. As well, I would encourage you to let your young people know who is praying for them. It is also a good way to slowly transition into a mentoring program.

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