A great prayer session for a retreat or even a meeting: (I strongly suggest dimming the lighting in your room and having one candle light the circle)
To prepare for this activity, you need to have three different bowls that EACH contain pieces of paper folded up with the names of all people participating in the activity.
Have your group get into a close circle.
Take the first bowl around the circle and have each person take a name (have them check right away to make sure they did not get their own name) have them write the number “1” on this first paper. Then take the second bowl and do the same thing, then the third bowl. Tell them to keep their names to themselves. Next, explain to the group that God has a plan and that things happen for a reason, therefore there must be a good reason God has planned each person to end up with the three names they did. Go around the circle and have each person take turns telling the rest of the group what they would like prayed for. (Before-hand emphasize that each person needs to have their complete attention on what everyone is saying, especially the names of the three people they picked out of the bowls.) After everyone has had a chance to make their prayer requests, ask them all to spread out in the room where they can be alone to allow a good connection between them and God. Then, ask them to all focus on the first name that they chose and put all their thought and energy into praying for the specific intentions that person requested. Allow for at least 5 minutes of silence for this, then go on to the second names, and then finally the third names, reminding them each time to fully concentrate on just that one name. (You may want to have some soft music playing in the background). It has the potential to be very powerful and meaningful. It is also such a warm feeling knowing that someone right in the same room, and at the same time is praying for you.

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