Our Instruction Booklet

by | All Youth, Bible Study & Prayer

Go and buy a model car kit from Wal-Mart. Next fold Pieces of blank copy paper in half and write instructions on the front. Leave the insides of the “booklet” blank and give each youth member one. Tell them not to open them until you tell them they can. Take out the instructions to the kit and put in your pocket. Now take it to the youth and sit it on the table in front of them. Ask them to put all the pieces to their car kit together with the instructions they are given. Of course when they open their “booklets they are blank. They will look at you with confusion and some giggles. Then start the conversation with asking who could put the car together. Not many will say they could without real instructions. One will may say they probably could. That’s when you show them the real instructions. Begin to show just how many instructions come with such a small car. Then explain that going through life without reading the Bible is like trying to build that car without the right instructions. You may get the car together but will it last. You need God’s instructions on how to live a good christian life and how to make it to heaven. How can we be good Christians… if we don’t read the instructions on what God wanted us to do for us to make it into His Kingdom. You can just go from here and really get the kids thinking and talking. (another good analogy to use… You may be able to put a lawnmower together without instuctions but will it cut the grass?)

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