One Light at Christmas

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Encourage Teens about the kind of difference they are making by living for Jesus.

In some parts of the world the Christmas time is accompanied with shorter hours of day light. In this dark time some kids can get depressed.

To encourage youth at this time run a night that plays with the theme of light. Base the whole night on John 1:1-9 and Matthew 5:14.

The setting of the room all evening should be darkness with only minimal light provided from the time they enter. If your group always does games to start, do games in the dark with flashlights etc. (you can find some of these on EGAD!)

If your group normally does an extended time of worship you can keep the audience in darkness with only light on the leader. Songs should be themed along the lines of light and darkness.

(You will need a string of chrismas lights and you can put it in the shape of a cross if you want)

For your message/devotional or sharing time, you should lower all the lights except one for your bible to read the passages.

Have students respond to the question: “What is the problem with darkness?”

Have students discuss moral darkness in the world and how it is like the absence of light.

Give each student a light bulb and have them share how they can be a light in the darkness of this world. After they have shared they need to screw the bulb into a socket on the christmas light set. With each bulb the room will become brighter. After the last bulb is inserted, the students can lead out in prayer or the leader could pray that by being plugged into Jesus we can shine the light and make a difference in the world.

A variation on this is to have the christmas lights lit and have each student take one bulb away. Students can be shown that with each student who removes their light the place becomes a little darker. Students can be shown that they matter to the group and they matter to the work of God in the world.

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