Never Ending Alamo

by | All Youth, Bible Study & Prayer

Alamo with a twist!
All you need for this great game is a pretty big room and some gator skin balls (or balls that don’t hurt when you throw them at people!)

You put about five or six balls in the middle of the room. All participants stand around the outside line (if in a gymnasium) or touching the wall if in a regular room. When a leader yells “Alamo” the game begins. Anyone who gets a ball throws it, trying to hit others to get them out. The person who gets hit with a ball is out of the game and must sit down with legs crossed. You must remember the person who gets you out because as soon as that person is out you are back in. If the ball is thrown at a person and they catch the ball then the person who threw the ball is out. One catch though is that if you have a ball you cannot walk with it! The only way you can move with a ball is if you roll the ball on the floor. If a person is caught walking with a ball then they are out and they can not get back in. The only time that this game can be over is if the kids lose interest, or a leader says it’s time to leave.

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