Name That Spiritual Gift

by | Bible Study & Prayer, Mid and Late Adolescents

This is a study, understanding and development game. The leaders or orchestrators of the game must have a clear uderstanding of the gifts to lead the game. First write as many of the spiritual gifts and there definitions on different scrap sheets of paper. Ball them up and put them in a hat or bowl. Then each student picks out a spiritual gift. then the leader will read a scenerio and choose one of the students to dramatize there spiritual gift and how they would use in the situation. Once they have figured out the gift that is being represented, another student who feels that there gift would best help support the situation they would raise there hand and dramatize their gift. This will continue until the scenerio changes. It is a very deep game that students seem to take very seriously, it also gives better understanding for those who might not be to clear on the subject.

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