Matthew 25 & Michael Jordan

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Have one person in your group be Michael Jordan. He then chooses three investors to spend his money. He gives one 10,000 of play money, another 5,000 and another 1,000. He calls them in after a hard season to see what they did, if they are good enough to handle some serious money. Both the 10,000 and 5,000 have doubled their money. The biggest money maker gets Michael’s NIKE account, the other doubler gets his Salary account (Mark envelopes and stuff with money for these accounts.) The just returns the $1,000 and gets tossed.
What did Michael Jordan provide to his investors?
– start up money
– reputation and fame
– basketball skill
What was the investors job?
– to spend someone else’s money to make more
Jesus has done the same
– He gives us talents
– He did the dying
– He did the rising again
What are we to do?
– spend our talents given by him and backed up by him.
– care about others through whatever resources he has given.
– pray for direction

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