Marshmallow Porcupine

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The more people you have the better. Form as many lines as you want, but have at least 15 per line, 10 will work, but more is better. Give everybody a toothpick, good round pointed ones,and have them put it in their mouths. Put a large marshmallow on the pick of the first one in line. On go, that person must turn to the next in line and that person stabs the marshmallow with his pick. NO HANDS ALLOWED. Once he has stabbed it, the first person must let go of their toothpick. Now the second person turns to the third person who now has a toothpick coming at them and they must stab it and the second person lets go of their pick. As you get down the line, there are alot of toothpicks coming at the last people. This is a great sight game watching the last peaople trying to find a place on the marshmallow to stab without getting poked too bad up the nose. If someone drops the marshmallow, it goes back to the previous person. Have fun.
[Ed. Note: I don’t think the toothpicks would reach the eye level, but watch out for that possibility. Use your own discretion as to how safe this activity is for your group.]

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