Jesus Knocing At Heart’s Door

by | All Youth, Bible Study & Prayer

Buy the wallet-size picture of Jesus which shows Him standing and knocking on a wooden door, entitled Christ at Heart’s Door. Get one for each teenager. Pass out the pictures and explain the detail and intricacies of the artist’s work. Go around the circle of kids and ask them to share one thing that they can see in the picture that tells us something about Jesus or ourselves. You can get around 30-45 details. Have a brief lesson on how to study the Bible. Include the following points: The scriptures were written to disclose Christ. Any valid study must begin and end in Him. The key to knowing God’s Word is to read and study the scriptures – always looking for new insights. We can learn something new each time we study a passage. Just when we think we can’t, we gain a new insight and learn that there is always more to His Word than meets the eye.

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