Bible Word Scavenger Hunt

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Being a junior high Sunday School teacher, I am always looking for new ideas for activities that will capture the kids’ attention and also teach them something. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt but it’s not possible for us to do one on a Sunday morning, so I devised this one for them.

Before the lesson, I will make a list of words found in the Bible. I try to pick words that can be found in both the Old and New Testaments, and also in several different places in scripture. I have the kids work in pairs and give each team a list of the ten words. I have a line after each word for them to write the Book, Chapter & Verse of the scripture in which they located the word. The team that finishes first will then let you know that they are done; I have the other teams stop and wait until I have checked the answers for the first team to make sure that they have them correct. If so, then they have won; if not, then the other teams continue. Sometimes I will have a first and second place winner.

I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed this game, and even wanted me to make it harder for them. I even passed these onto the Sr. High teacher and his class enjoyed them too.
[The kids are not allowed to use their Bible concordance; they have to use their deductive skills only. I used candy bars for prizes.]

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