Bible Jeopardy is a great way to get youth involved in Sunday school lessons and Bible studies. The Sunday school lessons and/or Bible studies are grouped into their own categories, with each lesson being a main topic with it’s own questions. The questions range from 100 points to 1000 points for each category, with the questions increasingly getting more difficult. Each category has it’s own Bonus question where the student that answers it correctly gets to draw from a can the value of the question, (to make it fun I usually put values that range from 1 point to 2000 points). Outlines of the lessons should be given out each week so that the students can prepare for the game by studying, (some parents have told us that their children study every day to prepare) . I usually have our group play the game after 5 consecutive Bible lessons. To make the game visually appealing I made a special board for the game. The topics are pinned to it with the points below, as the questions are answered the corresponding value is taken off the board. Some of our teachers simply use a chalk board to write out the categories and point values. We also give the youth points for attendance, bringing their Bible, bringing guests, taking notes during the pastor’s sermons, etc. These points can be kept for a youth auction at a latter date. We have been using this game for over a year now in all the classes from third grade to high school. The effects have been tremendous, not only has attendance dramatically increased, but enthusiasm in learning the lessons has soared as well.

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