Ok. This may seem simple (and it is) but it really works! Simply take the cushions off of those lovely-to-look-at couches that everyone has in their youth room. We have about 12 couches and chairs so it is never a problem for us to find some cushions. The idea is to take about half of the cushions and make a wall of sorts. Behind that wall, use the other half (maybe more) of the cushions to provide a landing area.

Participants get a running start and doing flips, dives, or other stunts OVER the pile of “wall” cushions. Points are awarded for:
1) staying alive in one piece
2) best stunt
3) most air
4) most painful landing
5) frestyle
Some things to make sure of: only one person at a time; ensure a clear “runway”; re-stack the landing pile as often as necessary to provide safe landings.

Another modification of this game is to take all the cushions/pillows and put them at the edge of the stage and let the kids jump into them with the same point system. Enjoy…

Straight Acoustic Worship

Pretty simple. We ran out of power to our house sound last Sunday night and had to think on our feet. Our worship leader and lead guitarist (both youth) just grabbed some candles and greatly polished silver trays to put them on. We blacked out everything and lit candles around Paul and Jennifer. The effect was awesome to say the least. There was NO amplification whatsoever. Straight acoustic worship. Taught me a great deal about the simplicity of worship. Just when we youth pastors think we have to have the greatest sound system with the latest color lights, all God really needs is two in His Name. Wow, what a concept.