Amanda Kroeker

Jell-O Jigglesplat

This is awesome and keeps kids entertained for as long as the Jell-O Jigglers will last, sometimes longer! Use a wall or surface that you either don’t mind messing up or that has a cleanable surface, such as semi-gloss paint. Put a tarp down if you are inside. You can use teams or individuals. Make a different color of jiggler for each (star shapes are the best). Have each team at the same time hurl their jigglers at the wall. You can have winners in the categories of the most sticking to the wall at one time, who is the last jiggler sticking, or any other. The jigglers become stickier and more fragile with more throws, so after awhile the prize categories don’t matter. The kids just want to see the splat.
[Ed. Note: See a package of Jell-O for instructions on how to make Jell-O Jigglers. From what I can recall, you usually use twice the amount of Jell-O to water.]

Waterballoon Introduction

This is a great summer intro game, especially for inducting new seventh graders or any group of totally new students. As students arrive at your event put their name on a water balloon. When everyone has arrived distribute the balloons and make sure no one has their own name. The trick is for them to soak the person whose name is on the balloon they recieved while not getting hit by the one with their name. Some students are sneeky and follow the person around. Some have to ask many people who the person is, but that is dangerous because they never know who has their balloon. The last one standing gets a prize.